6 CH USB Simulator



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6 CH USB Simulator,

A self contained flight-simulator system with a USB interface - no serial port required. No extra drivers are necessary. The unit has four channels (throttle/aileron/elevator/rudder) with trims, gear and a 5ch aux switch/gyro.  Will work with any USB 1.0/2.0 port, and includes the freeware FMS flight simulator software on a CD. Several models are included on the CD and many hundreds more are available for free download on the internet.  Works with any Windows based game or simulator

USB 6ch Simulator

Minimum system requirements:
-100% Pentium III or AMD Athlon/64 compatible
processor with at least 800Mhz
-128MB RAM
-1GB free hard disc memory
-CD-ROM drive
-Open GL compatible graphic card with at least 64MB
-100% DirectX compatible sound card
-Windows ME /2000/XP (Vista with Patch) with DirectX version
-9.0b or highter
-A free USB port and a trainer output on your transmitter

Recommended system requirements:
-100% Pentium IV or AMD 64 compatible processor with at least 1600Mhz
-256MB RAM
-CD-ROM drive
-OpenGL compatible graphic card with at least 128MB

  Pleaser note: On a system with only minimum system
requirements, the performance strongly depends on the
currently loaded model and scenery.

For more information, see the FMS User Forums

If you are having issues running the software, try opening with “run as administrator”. Certain security settings could prevent the driver from opening/loading without administrator permission.
You may never receive any blocking messages during install and this should solve any software / operating issues.


Due to the complexity of different computers, confiurations, etc, Grayson Hobby is unable to support your PC issues, please visit the FMS (Flight Model Simulator) for software issues.  For more information, see the FMS User Forums

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