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Corona-RC CS-538 MG Digital Full Size



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Corona-RC CS-538 MG Digital Full Size

Why Digital Servos:

If you want your RC aircraft (helicopter or airplane) to have a more accurate control and feel, then digital is what you need. Standard servos with logical chips (analog) are not as accurate and when flying your airplane will not move exactly how you control it, especially at your slightest commands when doing 3D maneuvers or flying full speed inverted 3 feet above the deck.

Several manufactures have developed a wide variety of servos today some which are larger and heavier that enable their servo to have higher operating speeds and have more torque HOWEVER, they are not digital and are not as precise and accurate.

Some advantages of digital servos..
● Higher resolution
● The tightest dead band
● Accurate positioning
● Faster control response
● Quicker acceleration
● Constant torque throughout the servos travel
● Increased holding power when stationary


Comes with complete hardware and control horn hardware set.

Operating voltage range 4.8V~6.0V
Operating temperature range -20'c to +60'c
Operating speed 0.14sec/60' degree
Stall torque / 91.21 oz. in
Running current 200mA/60? no load
FDead band width ≤3mS
Operating travel 40' /one side pulse traveling 400S
Motor type cored metal brush
Potentiometer type 2 slider/direct drive
Dimensions 20mm x 40mm x 38mm
(0.78 x 1.57 x 1.49)"
Weight 58g
Ball bearing MR85
Gear material metal
Connector wire length 215mm(8.46in)
Connector wire stand counter 24
Connector wire gauge 28AWG


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