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Diatone FPV250 V4-2 Ghost Edition - Green



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Diaton FPV250 V4-2 Ghost Edition, 250 fpv racing

Diatone FPV250 V4-2 Ghost Edition - Green | Kit

 This is the V4 Number 2 edition!!!. The LED arms go down the entire arm. Not just at the motor pods!!!!

All of the others clear like this will only have 1/3 the LED on the arms. This has full sized led bars that travel all the way down the arm 


This FPV 250 mini quadcopter frame is identical to the FPV 250 Ghost frame with some pretty awesome additional extras. This is the FPV 250 Night Ghost frame that comes with upward-facing LEDs that illuminate the clear frame and propellers for orientation, and downward-facing LEDs to light up the night sky (or make it even brighter during the day). Due to these additional extras, this frame also comes with a power distribution board (PDB) that has a built-in 5V UBEC system for aux component use.

Note: There is a slight difference between the transparent FPV 250 Night Ghost frame that we sell and the other coloured frames.  The transparent Night Ghost comes with LEDs that illuminate only the motor mounts and propellers of the frame, whereas the other coloured Night Ghost frames come with LEDs that illuminate the entire length of each arm. This is therefore accounted for in the price. 

As with the FPV 250 Ghost frame, the FPV 250 Night Ghost frame is a mini quadcopter that is a budget-minded and is ready for all those daredevil acrobatics. This mini quadcopter is built from highly durable poly carbonate that will give you the confidence to try all those daring and impressive FPV stunts out in the field. This highly durable material makes this flying platform a great investment due to its cheap price, and the amount of great flying that you will get out of it! It also only weighs 140g (with LEDs) and measures across at 25cm.

There are some other great features to this frame that makes it an even better purchase. For example, the front platform is designed to accommodate a two servo pan and tilt camera, with the rear of the platform designed to hold the video transmitter, keeping the FPV 250 quadcopter nice and balanced. The centre compartment will also hold most popular flight controllers used in FPV flying today and this frame comes with a protective casing for extra security when performing those acrobatic stunts.

Anyone who has flown these types of quadcopters also know the difficulties involved in keeping the battery firming secured to the frame while performing high G manoeuvres. This handy little frame therefore has four integrated strap slots on the bottom to securely hold the battery in place. The FPV 250 motor mounts can accommodate a motor range from 1506 to 2208 and the arms are intentionally ventilated to provide plenty of cooling air to you 7-12A ESCs.

We have a range of colours for you to choose from; transparent, red, blue, orange and green. Why not get several and have a multi-coloured swarm? With the addition of the ultra-bright LED, you\'re likely to cause a multi-coloured storm!  It\'s time to start practising and honing your FPV skills as the ideal FPV season begins!



  • 1 x FPV 250 frame
  • 4 x landing arm
  • 4 x motor mount
  • 1 x flight controller protective cage
  • 1 x pack of screws
  • 1 x propeller pack (2 x CCW, 2 x CW)
  • 1 x wire pack
  • 1 x PDB with built-in 5V UBEC
  • 4 x ultra-bright frame-mounted LEDs


  • Built from high quality and ultra-durable Poly Carbonate.
  • One-piece poly carbonate construction for durability.
  • Mounting support for a two servo pan and tilt camera and video transmitter.
  • Large 55×55mm cage bay to protect flight controller.
  • Wide range of motor and power potions.


  • Width: 250mm
  • Height: 106mm (with landing gear and centre cage) 
  • Weight: 140g (without electronics)
  • Motor Mount Bolt Holes: 12/16/19mm


  • 4 x Motors 1506-2208
  • 1 x Battery 800-1300mah 7.4~11.1V (2 or 3 cells Lipoly)
  • 4 x ESCs 7-12A
  • 1 x multi-rotor flight controller
  • 4ch radio (6ch recommended for FPV and FC use)
  • FPV gear (optional)


We have several additional add-ons that you can purchase with your mini quadcopter frame if you would like. We offer a motor/ESC pack that includes four MT2204 motors (2 x CW, 2 x CCW) and four 12A ESCs and you can also add a mini quad flight controller to your purchase so you can get flying as soon as possible! 



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