Drone Buying Guide

Which Racing Drone to Purchase?

This is the most common question by new customers and we hope to answer all of your questions. This biggest misconception of 'experience' customers tell us they have is with the GPS controlled drones such as any model from DJI. These are GREAT aerial photography drones and are super stable due to the GPS holding into place, however, these are not very comparable to the racing drones listed below. DJI drones as of this article, transmit the video signal via wi-fi which has a great deal of latency or lag. So when you are flying around the park, then what you are seeing thru a wi-fi based drone is up to 1 second in the past. That is NOT good for drones that go over 100pmh! The list below is what is the current latest and great drones Grayson Hobby suggest for beginners.

Eachine E010C (No experience, any age, indoors)

Best FPV Package for the Money! - Perfect for a gift or just 'trying out' FPV Flying.  This Micro FPV Racing Drone Combo comes in either red or green and is a complete Ready to Race Drone Package. This combo is PERFECT for a gift or someone just starting out in FPV / Drone racing. Zero experience is needed to fly this drone and is what we highly recommend due to its price. Can be flown by any age level and we suggest only flying indoors

Beginner Drone
 Beginner Drone  

Inductrix FPV (No experience, any age, indoors / outdoors)

The Inductrix by Blade is very similar in size as the E010C (see above) but can be used by and Spectrum Radio / Transmitter. Like the E010C, this can be flown by anyone with Zero FPV or Drone experience.  This is a bit larger than the E010C which allows this to be flown indoors and on nice low wind days, outdoors as well.  This can be flown by any age and experience level.


Emax BabyHawk (little experience, outdoors only)

The Emax BabyHawk is a great quad for those advancing up from the true beginner models.  Anyone with some FPV drone experience should be able to fly this model.  The Frame design can take a lot of crashing and abuse and is one of the main reason why we rate this as the next step in drones for the beginner.  The BabyHawk runs brushless motors which pushes this quad up to 40MPH and therefore we suggest only flying outside.  This is the 1st entry-level model with BetaFlight so you can grow with this model and learn how to Tune, Configure this drone to your flying style.  Comes in PNP, BNF, RTF, and Race Ready Combos.

 Beginner Drone
 Beginner Drone  

Race Ready Eachine Racer 250 Pro FPV w/ FrSky QX7  (intermediate, outdoors only)

This is the 1st combo from Eachine and Grayson Hobby where we offer the upgraded FrSky Qx7 and a 4S (14.8v) quad ready to race out of the box.  The Racer 250 Pro comes with Real Time OSD (flight battery voltage, flight time, VTX Channel) This Quad / Radio setup is PACKED full of features which most professional pilots have in their setups.  The Combo package with the FrSky Qx7 will give you the option to grow with the Hobby.


Eachine Wizard Grayson Gold Package (intermediate, outdoors only)

The Eachine Wizard is a powerful 5 inch quad which can fly upto 80mph!  We suggest this model for those who have a good amount of time with a true FPV drone, (not a DJI GPS based quad).  The Grayson Gold Tune Wizard is a complete Ready to Fly package in which all of the hard work of BetaFlight, Tuning, Configuring is done by our staff.  This requires a decent amount of space to fly and we recommend for 14+ years and older with intermediate flying skills.  This is most likely 

 Diatone GT2017  

Diatone GT200 Race Ready Bundle - 2017 Version (intermediate +,  outdoors only)

For those who have mastered the Eachine Wizard, this is the next step. For those looking to 'upgrade' drones and radios, this is the best combo.  This GT200 by Diatone has all the bells and whistles the advanced quads have. With the On Screen Display, all the vital information from the quad can be seen right thru your goggles.  We have clocked this quad over $100 so we recommend this for those with a bit more experience than intermediate pilots.  The Diatone GT200 is the next step in component all around component quality and the FrSky Qx7 will give you the option to grow with the Hobby.