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Dynam F4C Corsair - PNP

Grayson Hobby is proud to present another legend in its lineup of Warbirds, the Dynam RC Corsair. The F4U Corsair, made famous for its ability to out climb, outrun or outfight any enemy in its day, is an exciting addition to the Dynam family. Referred to as “whistling death” by the Japanese in World War II, and the "Sweetheart of Okinawa" by American troops, the inverted gull wing allowed for the huge propeller to clear the deck with its short, stout landing gear. Designed as a carrier-based fighter, it was also the first Naval aircraft to have landing gear retract flush into the wing behind panels for improved aerodynamics, and it was the first fighter to exceed speeds of 400 mph. Its successful reputation and unique flying characteristics have earned the F4U Corsair its place in American military history.

The Corsair features a superb scale outline with sport-like flying characteristics that make it easier for everyday pilots to fly. It comes with several scale features out of the box, such as factor installed rotating retracts, steerable tail wheel, large 3-bladed prop, aluminum spinner nut.

The Dynam Corsair is for the sport scale enthusiast who loves scale warbirds. The Dynam Corsair is the sport-flying airplane that accurately replicates the beloved fighter plane of WWII—all at an insane low price.

Airplane Features:
  • Powerful 3720 brushless (500kv) outrunner brushless power system
  • 40A Brushless ESC with Switch-Mode BEC
  • Factory Installed Retractable Landing Gear (electric)
  • 30A Brushless ESC with Switch-Mode BEC
  • Durable and lightweight EPO construction with many surface details excellent flight performance
  • Detailed Body Structure
  • Makes a great 2nd airplane.
  • Deans (T-Plug) Factory installed on ESC
Airplane Specifications:
WingSpan 50 inches / 1270mm
Length 41.96 inches / 1066mm
Servos 4 x 9g (Installed)
Battery 2200 14.8v 20C 4S (not included) GH Recommends 3000 30C 14.8v (42)
Motor Size 3720 (500kv) outrunner brushless motors (installed)
ESC Size 1 x Dectrum 40Amp with switching BEC(installed)
Prop Size 3 x 7 x 3 (3 bladed) included
Radio 5 + Channel (not included)
Charger 2-4s (7.4v - 14.8v) Basic Lipo Charger (not included)
Receiver +5 Channel (not included)
Weight 8.02oz /1650g w/Battery
Flying Time 10 Minutes with the Grayson Gold 2200mAh 11.1v 30C or longer


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Customer Reviews

Next build, still in box Review by James Buffalo Jr
Not sure where I read that plane is flown with either 3 or 4 cell 2200mAh battery. Ordered this and Grand Cruiser together since I have lots of 3 cell 2200's ..........It's 4 cell 2200mAh plane! Packaging is the same as other Dynam planes parts in sealed plastic bags and inserted into boxes (Posted on 10/14/2016)
Retract Issues Review by Gregory Kluck
Overall I am pleased with the quality of the servos, motor and detail of the foam airframe. However, the retracts are a bit of a problem. Out of the box, one retract did not work at all, and the other one works intermittently. Upon dissassembly of the retracts, I found that a gear on the motor was stripped due to being pressed to close to the motor itself and not providing adequate mesh contact with the other gears. A quality control issue. Not sure how well it flies yet, as I've had to fly with the landing gear down, which makes it a bit unstable. (Posted on 8/31/2016)
great Review by robert kuras
Beautiful looking plane. Have yet to fly. An easy assemble.. Instructions not necessary because of little or NO use. Go on U-tube and put your plane and model # and " how to assemble." (Posted on 8/29/2016)
An A-ONE plane Review by Jerome Petz
This Corsair is fabulous. It's the third time I've purchased this plane. Pilot error on the other two. LOL. I really like the Dynam products. Have never had a bad experience with any of the planes I've flown. I just love the way this plane flies. It's so easy to assemble. Grayson Hobby is about the best place I've done business with. If I had the misfortune to destroy the plane, I'd definitely order another one. (Posted on 7/20/2016)
Superb flying plane!! Review by Jerry Petz
The Corsair F4U is my favorite plane of all the ones that I fly. In fact it's the third one that I've purchased. The reason is pilot error. It was very to assemble. I did have an issue with a nut in the stabilizer being stripped but Grayson took care of the problem and is sending me a new part. Fabulous service. It's a great warbird to fly. Most of the planes that I own are DYNAM. (Posted on 7/7/2016)
Second F4U to replace the one I crashed - Retracts still unreliable Review by K Jackson
I'll make this short because I already reviewed the first one that I crashed ( all pilot error ). My first F4U performed great and until I tried to fly it like my Pitts it was just fine. It's a war bird and needs to be flown like one. Maybe I shouldn't fly them on the same day.
My first F4U is fixable but it the parts total was adding up so I decided to start from scratch.

My only problem and big complaint is the unreliable retracts. Both retracts felt great out of the box even the wheels were smoother rolling than before. They cycled several times without problem before and after the build. The day of the maiden flight however was different. I always cycle my retracts at least once during preflight and wouldn't you know it my right side retract wouldn't come back down. I examined it closely to look for obstruction but couldn't find any. I removed the offending retract and replaced it with a spare that worked just fine. Dynam isn't the only company with mystery retract failures but it is still very frustrating to know that they can and will just fail out of the blue without any warning. If I abuse my retracts with less than perfect landings and they fail it's to be expected, but I'm really getting tired of stocking spare retracts that just randomly stop working.

My second F4U went together well and cutting out the flaps was fairly straight forward using a very sharp hobby knife. I ordered the Dynam flap servos including one reverse but realized they were just regular Dynam 9g servos except the reverse was well... reversed. I decided to use 2 FMS flap servos, one reverse. They are digital, fit nicely and they are slow 2 second servos. No need for a speed reducer. You'll still need a Y connecter but no other extension was needed. I opened the stock wire channels in the wing and fuselage. The leads on the FMS flap servos were just long enough to poke through into the fuselage. I also removed the stock LED lights and replaced them with a decent quality extra bright system I found on eBay. Finally I gave it about 3 or 4 coats of minwax polycrylic gloss. This gives it a much tougher more durable finish that is quite shiny and a bit darker. This one is prettier has working flaps and bright LEDs as well as a nice shiny finish that should hold up better. (Posted on 4/1/2016)
Great looking Review by Marc Slack
Plane arived on time appeared to be packed well. Will update after build and Marin. (Posted on 3/3/2016)
F74UCorsair Review by FlyBird68
Bird looks great... Plane needed 3 1/2 oz of weight to fly right. With out it... Tail heavy. Other than that... It is a great looking plane. (Posted on 1/25/2016)
Outstanding Flyer with a few quality issues Review by K Jackson
First the minor issues. Assembly is fairly standard for a foam build except for the wing. An inexperienced builder may not get this right and it is critical that the wing is straight and true. There is no spar and the wing halves don't mate together snuggly. Take your time with this and use a good epoxy or Gorilla Glue. If your not experience with GG, stick with epoxy or you'll have a mess. GG requires clamping and constant monitoring during cure due to it's expanding. GG makes an incredibly strong bound if you have the patience. The included Dynam contact cement works well but will allow flexing.
It would be nice if they extended the aileron servo and retract wires a bit to make feeding through the fuse a bit easier.
The landing gear has been well documented as problematic at best. My right side gear had the somewhat common problem of sticking half way down. This is were the pin that assisted gear rotation appears to get caught on a mounting screw. Strangely if you hold the plane inverted (belly up) the gear would not stick. I found a solution to the sticking gear on RC Groups Dynam F4U Corsair http://static.rcgroups.net/forums/attachments/2/9/5/7/9/5/a5109033-247-IMAG0198.jpg . A thin piece plastic installed under the offending screw solved the problem perfectly. One of the screws that clamps the wheel strut at the base was stripped and will not tighten. This make the LG a bit loose and it wiggles a bit more than the other side. I cycled the LG maybe 50 times at every angle, after the fix, without a single failure before my maiden flight. About 20 flights later and the retracts are still working. Had to do a reset of the ESC as well (common with Dynam ESCs) because the motor would hesitate or cog until about 50% throttle. The reset fixed the problem completely. If using the included ESC programing instructions is confusing just get a Dynam ESC program card, they are cheap. I own and enjoy several Dynam planes. The F4U did not disappoint. It's a war bird with marginal quality retracts so if your landing skills are less than say 85% then you may want to find a different plane. Now for the Outstanding. I found the F4U incredibly predictable. It did nose over at the end runway on my first few landings (pilot error) but no damage or broken props. You should be off the throttle at that point so I would have been surprised if the the super tough stock prop would have broken. I found it easier to get the landings right on this plane than I expected being my first war bird. This is one sweet flying Corsair and a great value. Dynam planes fly light with a low wing load so I didn't hesitate to pull full power high G turns and dives. Inverted flight is very stable and predictable. With a bit of hands on finesse it will even knife edge. This thing looks incredibly scale in the air and on the ground. Didn't stop grinning for an hour the first day I flew it. Remember this plane cost you ONLY $149!!! THATS AN INCREDIBLE VALUE!!!. Intermediate pilots will love this plane. (Posted on 1/5/2016)
Great Looking Plane Review by Bradley1
This plane looks and flies great. (Posted on 10/23/2015)
great flier Review by Six string
Gets attention at the field,upgraded to 600 kv and now has almost unlimited vertical (Posted on 10/14/2015)
Review by tim martin
Great warbird!! cg was a little tricky to get right, but I used a 2600 (285grams)pushed all the way forward, and seems good. I put 4 flights on her first day to see what might be a weak area, I didn't find any. great retracts! love the slender tall tires, lands great In grass or pavement. a solid plane! (Posted on 6/11/2015)
Review by Kevin Beck
Watched this plane on Youtube several times. I love war birds and Dynam produces some of the best plans on the market. I have several Dynam birds. Went together very easy and everything fit perfect. First flight was not good. Had my throws a little high and she went nose into the ground. Just a broken prop and minor damage to cowling . Easy to repair and took her up again with no problems. Very fun to fly. I am so pleased that I ordered another as I want to keep one in the box just in case they quite making this one. I looked at many other brands and this one looked to be the best quality and price point. I have read lots of great reviews of this one and I am happy to add mine. It is early here in eastern NC and the winds are at 0-2 mph. Going out right now! Happy skies. You will enjoy this plane and Grayson has the best prices and very fast shipping. Just wish Grayson had some videos or links to videos of the planes they sell. (Posted on 6/2/2015)
Review by Chris Montgomery
This is an awesome-looking plane! It is a little tougher to fly - probably should be an intermediate flier, but man, does it look cool in the air! The instructions are lousy, but if you look things over you should be able to get it together fine. Retracts work fine. Had trouble taking off from grass, so I had to use pavement (grass may have
been too long though). No problem with the decals. Battery access is good. Great plane for the price. (Posted on 10/3/2014)
Review by Dawn Sponholz
I have this model and man it was a pain to get the rudder pin to go into thye rubber seated hole and trying to get the rudder, elevator and strearing pin in to the rear end was a nightmare. Then i pushed down as hard as i could to get the landing gear to set in, was a whole other ball game ! and the decals i got with the rtf version were peeling right off ! I did not get this from Grayson , but it's Dynam made. Havent flown it yet but getting ready to, so man i hope it turns out to be a awesome flyer ! Like i said , i didnt get it from Grayson, but it;s the same plane by Dynam ! Thinking i should have got it from Grayson, cause at least Basil and and Clay are right their to help ! When i have problems ! But hopeully i will have better results than the last reviewer ! :) (Posted on 7/7/2014)
Review by dennis jackson
I am not happy with the purchase and performance of this Dynam Corsair, upon receiving said item should have returned immediately, fuselage halves were not properly fitted tail wheel was crooked. Just not what I am used to seeing from Dynam. First flight was erratic. Landed immediately, checked control surfaces, everything seemed to be in working order, second flight lost control of aircraft, ended up somewhere in the woods, total loss. This is my second Dynam Corsair, the first flew beautifully. (Posted on 6/6/2013)

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