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Dynam Messerschmitt BF109 - PNP

The Dynam BF 109 has been designed to deliver unbeatable flight performance, stunning looks and simple assembly at a killer price. Power delivery via the heavy duty ESC and matched motor drive a well balanced 3 blade propeller are seamlessly integrated. The lightweight and rigid airframe is pulled around with such ease, the BF 109 has predatory performance! Large ailerons give superb roll rate control and the long fuselage assists in providing a smooth and predictable flight character that will make you look and feel like a real warbird pro. With a low parts count and simplistic Dynam design this aircraft can be ready to fly within the hour without breaking out into a sweat. ItÂ’s simple to operate and very simple to maintain which will ensure that owning this BF 109 is a pleasurees

Key Features

  • Powerful 3720 brushless (500kv) outrunner brushless power system
  • 40A Brushless ESC with Switch-Mode BEC
  • Factory Installed Retractable Landing Gear (servo drivern electric)
  • Durable and lightweight EPO construction with many surface details
  • Excellent Flight Performance with larger ailerons
  • Detailed Body Structure
  • Suitable for both, intermediate and Experienced Pilots.
  • 3 Navigation lights (LED)
  • Scale spinner with central screw


Wingspan: 50 inches / 1270mm
Overall Length: 45.78 inches / 1110mm
Flying Weight: 51.14oz /1450g w/Battery
Motor Size: 3720 (500kv) outrunner brushless motors (installed)
Propeller: 13 x 7 x 3 - included
Radio / Transmitter NOT INCLUDED (requeires 5ch radio - not included)
Servos: 4 servos installed ( 4 x 9g)
Speed Control : Dynam Pro 40A Brushless with Switch-Mode BEC (installed)
Battery: NOT INCLUDED -requires a 2200 14.8v (not included) buy here
Charger: NOT INCLUDED - requires a 4S lipo charger (not icnluded)
Flight Times Average (6-10 mins)
Assembly Time  45min

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Customer Reviews

Great looking plane but Review by chris smallman
The plane is great looking but had the typical Dynam issues like bad land gear and what sounds like a bad motor. Grayson took care of me on the gear as always but the motor, not so much,sounds like bad bearings. Dynam really needs to fix these issues. (Posted on 3/21/2016)
Great Company Review by Robin Houchin
Plan on buying more in the future and high recommendations for this company. Great company and has super fast shipping. (Posted on 3/13/2016)
nice version of 109. Review by johann
This is another Dynam plane I love. It has a surprisingly scale outline for the "rivet counters" (aside from the canopy, but it's not too far off. like all 109's it requires your full attention on take off and landing and is an absolute joy to fly. I went completely bananas on mine and converted it to a later version (G10). and even with all the weight I added to it, it still flies great!
as others have said, it is important to keep the motor cool and some forward rake is a good idea to tame it's already demanding ground handling ( not really a big deal once you know what to expect) I just wish it was back in stock at the time of this review. Like my Dynam 262, I would like to get another from Grayson to have bone stock ( well, maybe just a new paint job) to have as an everyday, keep it in the car, flier. (Posted on 11/13/2015)
Review by Charles Martinak
The build was extremely easy. actually a delight to put together compared to some other models.

The paint detail and layout is very good.

Things I did that you should consider on your build.

#1 Rake the landing gear forward of the CG line.
#2 get rid of the factory ESC and replace with a 50 amp esc. though both Detrums have a stutter at below 10% throttle.
#3 glue or change the motor mount screws in place.
#4 cut a hole in the fuselage behind the cowling air scoop for ventilation

Go to the RCgroup web boards and read up on this plane. I haven't maidened mine yet, but will very soon

The cg came out right on the money with a 3000 MAH battery. if it's like the other Dynam models, I guess it will fly better with the CG forward of the recommended range. (Posted on 5/13/2014)
Review by Tuan Nguyen
Hi Thomas Michaels,
Thx for great tips.
Pls show you make flaps! Thx!!! (Posted on 2/10/2014)
Review by Tim Mooney
For the price, you can't beat this plane. I did experience a motor stutter when rolling on the throttle, but GH swapped the ESC without hesitation and the problem went away. I am running 4s/3000/20c Zippys and it balances perfectly. I love the scale speed and the presentation when airborne. And this thing lands like a dream! Now I'm trying to decide on the paint mod so it will be ready for spring!

Thanks GH! (Posted on 1/21/2014)
Review by Mike Armand
It's OK, but if you have the Dynam Corsair you will be disappointed. Spend the extra $15 and get the Corsair. Also, the Y connectors for the ailerons and retracts are cheap and I'm already having to replace them. (Posted on 9/28/2013)
Review by Thomas Michaels
For $120 this plane is a great buy, and I really like the way it flies. I did note the following problems and here are some of my fixes:
1. The fuselage packaging is poor and the top, front edge of the vertical stabilizer was dented in. Went to Home Depot and matched the paint colors from the horizontal stabilizer before I attached it to the fuselage. After some micro balloons, epoxy and paint, you can't event see the damage.
2. The retracts are weak and easily bend, even on gentle landings. I solved this by purchasing the 4mm x 75 degree Dynam retracts and changing the metal gear to 5/32" music wire. Then I put on Dubro 2 - 3/4" wheels and just left the gear doors off. Landings in grass were still impossible without nose over, so I added a 1/4" aluminum spacers to both the aft bolt downs for the retracts, and this put the wheels well ahead of the CG to help with roll overs. The 4mm x 75 degree Dynam retracts fit perfectly and are much better than the stock 3.6mm x 75 deg ones, because the metal gear attachment block is made out of aluminum instead of plastic. I have since had rough landings with no retract damage.
3. On all my planes I always change the elevator servo to metal gear, since this is about the highest loaded servo and susceptible to striping the plastic gears.
4. I added stronger magnets to hold down the canopy, after it flew off during one of my first flights.
5. Beware that the motor gets hot and can melt the motor mount. I read other reviews, where some have added cooling holes to help cool the motor. I intend to do this soon, as it is not starting to get hot in Atlanta.

I also added flaps and they work great to slow down the plane, and to make nice scale landings. I used one of the retracts that I removed to make a bomb drop and can't wait to try it. (Posted on 4/19/2013)
Review by
This is a good plane. It flies well and has good power. However, It is extremely important to cut a hole for the heat in the motor compartment. Otherwise the plastic motor mount will, not may, melt. The motor mount is hard to get at if it is damaged. That considered, I would recommend this plane! (Posted on 11/10/2012)

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