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Dynam Meteor 70mm EDF Sport Jet V2 /w retracts



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Dynam Meteor 70mm EDF Sport Jet (PNP)

Dynam Meteor V2 is a High Speed 70mm EDF Sport Jet now with retracts! The airplane is constructed by EPO crash resilient foam and it is pre-painted from the factory. All servos, 70mm Fan, and the 60Amp ESC are factory pre-installed on the model. This airplane is designed for High-Speed flying with a powerful Brushless Electric Ducted-Fan. The Fan Unit is is very well constructed for High-Performance flying. This model is absolutely one of the fastest EPO EDF-airplanes in the market.

Airplane Features:
  • Powerful 70mm EDF fan unit and motor
  • 60A Brushless ESC with Switch-Mode BEC
  • retractable landing gear
  • Easy to build.
Airplane Specifications:
WingSpan 35.8 inch (910mm)
Length 43.3 (1100mm)
Motor Size BM2826D3-KV3200 (installed)
Fan Unit 70mm fan unit (installed with motor)
Motor Size Powerfull 400 high speed outrunner brushless motors (installed)
ESC Size 1 x Dectrum 60A Brushless with Switch-Mode BEC (installed)
Servos 4 servos installed ( 4 x 9g )
Radio 5 Channel Required - NOT INCLUDED
Charger NOT INCLUDED 2S - 4S lipo charger
Receiver 5+ ChannelĀ (not included)
Weight 38.8oz (1100g) w/Battery
Flying Time Average (6-10 mins)
Dynam Meteor Dynam Meteor Dynam Meteor Dynam Meteor Dynam Meteor Dynam Meteor Dynam Meteor Dynam Meteor

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Customer Reviews

I like it Review by Steve Kosovich
I purchased it to put back until I get proficient to fly jets. I liked the style and colors,and the price was right. (Posted on 7/26/2016)
Best Budget Jet Review by Colin
I was very skeptical at first. $139 pnp with retracts... I decided to buy it anyways and have not regretted it! This jet is fast, Stable, and a blast to fly!!!! I 100% recomend this jet for anyone thinking about getting into edf's. I have noticed that it flies really well on a 4s 3000mah lipo. Don't bother with the 2200, it tracks better and flight time is longer. (Posted on 5/1/2016)
Fun Jet Review by Mr. SloBuddy
Flew mine for the first time a couple weeks ago. Great flying little jet. Makes good power and take off roll was not as long as I expected it would be. One problem though, the retracts. Worked great at home right after I completed assembly. Worked every time and I cycled them at least 20 or 30 times. Gear worked OK before the maiden. Took off and the gear went up, no problem. Came in to land and noticed that one of the main gear did not come down. I was able to get the offending gear back up and belly landed (actually belly lands very smoothly). Worked on the gear the rest of that day. They took turns not working (one at a time, left main, right main, then nose). The plane hand launches fairly well and i continue to fly it. Will has promised to help me with the gear. Still love this plane. (Posted on 4/23/2016)
Good looking airplane Review by jack
The build is short and easy. Flies great. Gets a lot of attention at the field. Good price and good quality. (Posted on 4/16/2016)
Great EDF- but needs attention to things like hinge gluing , battery holder gluing , elevator travel adjustments . Review by john c bishop
Overall quality is good . Price point is good also . Just the small attention to details like glueing hinge parts and battery holder . Instructions are terrible and no mentioning about ESC and how to program !!! (Posted on 10/4/2015)
Dang fun Dynam jet Review by David Patana
I have 21 different types of jets and I bought this little thing just because of the price. It is a fun little jet that you can throw around. Assembly and landing gear are why I'm giving it a four star rating. The Meteor fly very well with a 2200 4cell all the way forward in the battery compartment. I needed to remove esc's shrink wrap to get the ducted fan unit to seat properly. When you mount the wing to the fuselage you don't want the front of the edf unit to be seated at the top or the bottom until you seat (squeeze) the front of the wing to the fuselage. I also had problems with the landing cycling for the first four or five flights but never when the plane was in flight. Check the elevator hinges and adjust elrvators to maximize your throws. (Posted on 9/26/2015)
My Best Jet After Mods Review by Captain Mike
This is my favorite jet. I keep a spare on hand in case I have a midair. My rough grass field tore the gear out of the foam on the first landing. I repaired but on second landing the gear motor broke. So I removed both main gears but left the nose gear for balance. The empty main gear compartments make a great hand hold for throwing. This jet has severe motor torque roll left. On hand launching it rolls left 90 degrees. To fix, I assigned two mixes to a transmitter switch for the hand launch. The first mix puts in some right aileron roll to offset the motor torque roll. The second mix adds a little up elevator to insure it will climb. I get perfect hand launches now.

I use a 4S 3200mAh battery with a battery capacity sensor telemetry on my Jeti receiver. The sensor tells me when the flight battery is at 26 percent so I know when to land. I did a test flight keeping it at 1/3 throttle and my flight time was 13 minutes on the 3200mA battery. With another switch for spoilerons I can land by my feet every flight. Besides cutting the foam for more elevator travel I did a always on mix of elevator to ailerons. I can do tight loops now. High speed runs was separating the fuselage and wing air intake seams. I put Dubro clear hinge tape on the seam to fix.

This jet can fly very slow and very fast. I was coming down from 300 feet full throttle when I heard a loud speaker behind me say: "The speed limit in this park is 15 mph and my radar gun just clocked you going 110 mph!" I slowed down and looked around to see our pal the park ranger who had drove across the field to be behind me. I love this jet and I love Grayson Hobbies for having the best prices online.

(Posted on 8/26/2015)
Maiden my Meteor today....what a thrill. Flew just like everyone on RC Groups said. Review by Shel Leibach
Maiden my Meteor today....what a thrill. Flew just like everyone on RC Groups said.
Modified the elevator as so many others to insure I had enough throw. I was surprised at how well it flew at slower speeds....was prepared to fly it into the landing but made my final turn very slowly at altitude and it did not slip at all.
Custom painted it to make it look as my own. Has a somewhat of a Habu look with yellow and black along with the included decals. All and all a great plane, especially for the price. (Posted on 5/22/2015)
Review by ronald cheshire
I have owned and flown the Eflite F-16, Habu 1&2, Exceed F-18, and now bought and have flown the Meteor. It is by far the most fun, easy to build and fly, retracts work perfect, flys fast or slow, just all around a great deal. A real steal for $149. (Posted on 8/26/2014)
Review by Scott Stiehl
The meteor is the best jet for the price i bought a second one just in case they discontinue them.I felt no need to hop it up and I have a blast.Much lighter than the Habu 2 so it is a fast jet on stock setup. Grayson also has had a bad rap in their reviews but my experience they had my orders to me in 3 days. 5 stars all around. (Posted on 4/22/2014)
Review by Harold H. Hearon
O/K got to fly it. Much faster than fixed gear. Gets off ground better. Only promblem is gear does not work well in the cold. this is why only 4 stars. (Posted on 2/4/2014)
Review by Harold H. Hearon
All together balanced. Static amps 57.3 847 watts 2.25 lbs. looks like more than enough power. Should go 90 deg. up hill!!!! will get back after flying. ! (Posted on 1/13/2014)
Review by Harold H. Hearon
OK guys just got the new one with retracts am putting it together now making a few add ons. Will get back with more latter. (Posted on 1/8/2014)
Review by Bradley Knott
This is the BEST edf for the money. If flown on 3S would be suitable for a first EDF with throws fairly low then progress to the 4S when flown enough then go for the 5S THAT ROCKS!!!!!!! This flies like on rails, had this upk in 18 mph wind with 5S and it just laughed HAHA!! super price for super jet!.!.! (Posted on 5/17/2013)
Review by Harold H. Hearon
I have had 4 different 70-mm jets. All in this price range. This is by far the BEST & FASTEST of them all in the stock form!!! You can save your money buying the others!!! I had Hobby king/ Hobby- Lobby & Habu. Will never buy another one. THIS IS THE BEST BUY OUT THERE !!!!!! I will buy anoter one to try some hop-ups!! (Posted on 4/17/2013)
Review by Harold H. Hearon
I don't know if anyone can ans. this, but can you make e-retrats fit in it? (Posted on 3/16/2013)
Review by John Shelnutt
This is not a beginner edf, if you have some foamie building exp, shes realitevely easy to build. Utube, see "nightflyer" build video. Setting up the rear end is a bit tedious, but worth it.

Shes fast, hand launches well. Im not much of a landing gear guy, if you use the gear she likes to come in hot so allow a lot of "runway"

I used all stock servos from the get go till the end. No issues. Excellant motor edf, an esc, . ESC handles a 5 cell great.

Very hard to make her snap out turn. 4 cellls runs fast. 5 cell runs real fast.
I wouold balance the edf if you run 5 cell. She runs many many flights on a 5 cell.

she will last a lot longer on 4 cells,, you take her up high an drop her down to deck on a 45 degree angle,, she screams by, theres not much faster on 4 cells except the habu,,, but for a 3rd of the cost.

I wore one out learning last year crashed 10-15 times pilot error. she kept repairing
hot glue, tape, etc, til she got to heavy to hand launch.

Once you learn a edf go for this one,,,,,, youll be the fastest on the field an will give the habu a run for the money.

John Montgomery AL USA. (Posted on 3/7/2013)
Review by Tim Tisdale
I have 3 of these planes and they are great to fly stock or modified. I have a stock one that I run on 5S (balanaced the fan with drops of CA), it clocks in at 104 mph. I also have one spare and a 3rd one that I painted to resemble the old Bell X2. The X2 mod has a 4200 KV that runs on a 5S. The fan is a HET 6904 Aluminum. I tried the WM400 MKII but the 1800 watts melted it. However, the Meteor handled the speed (125 mph+) just fine till things went south. I would recommend using RTV clear silicon when bolting the wing on. Also I modified the servo are for the elevator to get more lift for situations such as dead sticking in (when you melt a fan or ESC) and slow flight landings. Also helps if you run a big battery pack up front like I do for the Modifieds. (Posted on 5/18/2012)
This plane is great. On a 4S, it's about on par performance with the Habu but feels a touch lighter and nimbler. The magic is that most of the Meteors (note, not all - there is some variability) reportedly will fly on a 5S battery with all the OEM equipment. After breaking it in with a few 4S flights, I have been flying mine with a 5S 3000 mAH Grayson Gold battery. It now has unlimited vertical and has become my favorite plane in my hangar.

A couple of notes:

1) Install clevis keepers - the plane doesn't come with them. Or at least mine didn't.
2) When assembling the empennage, cut foam away from the elevator actuator rods and move the control rod out a hole on the servo arm to increase elevator authority.
3) Don't try the 5S unless you balance the fan. And if you are using the stock ESC, be judicious with the throttle and keep the WOT bursts short.

Then fly the wings off this thing. I much prefer the Meteor to my Habu - and so do the people at the field.

If Grayson gets these in again, I'm buying another to keep on the shelf. (Posted on 2/17/2012)

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