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Dynam P51D Mustang w/ Retracts (PNP),

The days of tinker with mechanical retracts for hours just to watch them not work are over.

Dynam P51 Dynam P51 Dynam P51 Dynam P51 Dynam P51 Dynam P51

The new P51D Mustang by Dynam is a true scale 5 channel R/C aircraft and comes with pre-installed electronic retracts. The stunning look make this super realistic in the air and taxiing on the ground. The P51D is an aircraft that is super stable and capable of maintaining flight at super slow speeds that allow novice to master flight mechanics with ease. Will easily take off from any smooth surface on its scale landing gear. Made from a high strength EPO-foam for added durability. Powered by a high powered 850KV electric brushless motor provides a thrilling flight of over 50mph for up to 8-12 minutes.


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Wingspan: 47 inches / 1200 mm
Overall Length: 41 inches / 1045 mm
Flying Weight: 38.8oz  /1100g w/Battery
Motor Size: 500 size (850kv) outrunner brushless motors (installed)
Radio: 4+ channel (not included)
Servos: 4 x 9g Servos installed
Speed Control : 30A Brushless with Switch-Mode BEC (installed)
Recommended Battery: 3S 11.1V 2200 20C (not included) - buy here
Flight Times Average (8-12 mins)
Assembly Time 20min

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Customer Reviews

Awesome plane after a little work Review by Top Gun RC
I like the plane but it has issues. The material that holds the rudder on is to thin, the rudder broke off during the build, I had to install 2 metal hinges to make it work. The spinner needs to be improved. The screws were impossible to use. Overall the plane is great. Grayson Hobby is awesome and will buy again. (Posted on 1/9/2016)
Great Buy Review by Electric Ducted Fiend
First let me say Grayson Hobby rocks! They have a life long customer here.

As for the mustang, I would give it a four out of five. It has a few flaws but its well worth the $130 asking price.

She looks great!
Pictures do not do her justice. Shes a beautiful bird.

Easy to assemble.
Just glue the wings together and a few screws later... Bam done! A very quick build.

Very stable.
Predictable flight characteristics and no bad tendencies. My maiden being tail heavy, out of trim and in high winds had zero issues other than a taxi nose over or two.

Sturdy construction.
I have not crashed it yet, but it seems to be built very well.

Dat spinner!
I have no idea how something that light can be that far off balance. Seriously, the spinner cap probably weighs a few grams and it took a half of a stick of hot glue to balance it. This is not physically possible. There has to be some sort of crazy quantum physics nonsense at work here. Possibly magic?

The landing gear.
As stated in other reviews, you will need to shim the rear of the retracts to get more of a rake on the main gear. It noses over very easy unless you have a glass runway. Also my main gear are WAY out of alignment. The right wing gear has about 10* of outside toe. I am not sure how I can fix that. Not a big issue, it just tracks a little sideways on the ground.

Speed, or rather a lack thereof.
It seems to have plenty of power, but has ZERO top end. It could be that I am just used to my EDF's but it could use a little more speed.

I was using the recommended 2200mah 3Cell as far forward as possible and it was nowhere near the recommended CG. I had to add a substantial amount of weight to the nose to get it to balance. 106 grams to be exact and it still could have used a bit more. You could probably balance this with a 4000mah if it would physically fit. Higher capacity batteries are definitely recommended. (Posted on 9/26/2015)
Review by Kenneth Bobrowski
Good first warbird, bad retracts that will not work in 35 degree weather. Save yourself the headache and replace them from the get go! (Posted on 10/24/2014)
Review by Charles Martinak
Another update..

I've got about 15 flights on this plane so far.

Must do items this plane.

#1 Throw the factory spinner away and by a Dubro 3" spinner.

#2 Trim the fuselage to make the prop spinner function

#3 Change the ESC to a 50 amp and run 4s batteries

#4 Open up the chin for ventilating battery and esc

#5 Rake the landing gear by shimming the rear screws

This airplane fly's extremely well with the cg at 67 mm which is far forward of the factory recommendation of 70 -75. (Posted on 5/13/2014)
Review by Charles Martinak
This is an update on my first review.

I've repaired the wing damage from the 3rd flight.

I've found that the motor and mount assembly is 6mm to deep in the fuselage to allow the spinner and prop assembly to spin freely without some correction.

Since I could not get to the motor mount back plate on the firewall, I've decided to just cut 6mm off of the forward fuselage opening. I've remounted and spent quite a bit of time rebalancing the prop and spinner.

The propeller vibration that is present must be addressed on this model before flight.

You can search RCGroups and RCDiscuss to find videos and pictures of this aircraft's any issues and how to correct them.

Because it flew so responsively, I still plan on purchasing another Dynam Mustang even though I've given this one a 3 star (Posted on 4/15/2014)
Review by Charles Martinak
Great flying plane. I raked the gear forward by shimming 3/16 behind the rear screw mounts.

Maiden flight required only a couple of clicks of elevator trim. The plane flew off a packed gravel lot. with ease, and no nose overs. on two successful flights.

The propeller spinner and prop mounted was just touching the foam. The motor may have been mounted too deeply? I placed a spacer behind the spinner, to give the spinner 1/32 clearance from the foam.

On flight 3, prop vibration caused the propeller and spinner to depart the aircraft in flight. fortunately damage to the airframe on a plowed field landing is repairable.

The spacer may partially to be blame as the collet had less bite than if fully seated.

If it weren't for that issue, this rating would be a 5.

I cant wait to repair it and fly it again. (Posted on 4/7/2014)
Review by Collie Harper
This plane is amazing! Maiden flight was stable and required very little trim. I used the grayson black battery and got about 4.5 minute of flight time. The LED's are dim but overall this is a awesome plane for the price. I had heard a lot of negative feedback about Dynam but my experience thus far has been positive. I own four different Dynam models...haven't flown all of them but I am pleased thus far. (Posted on 2/24/2014)
Review by Ricky Smith
I ordered this kit planning on doing some custom changes, after looking it over I could only find a few things to change. First I added a radiator exhaust (just like on the full scale version) I also opened up the vent on the nose. Did a little custom paint like I do on all my dynam planes, they are great for this as their scale outlines are awsome. Just sand down the moulding marks shoot it with some rattle can primer( I recommend rusteolium as it won't melt foam) and paint it the way you want it. I did upgrade to a 55 amp ESC so it will easily use a 4 s 2200 battery. I also cut out the motor vents moulded on the lower right and left of the nose and made plastic covers for them. I decided to use another vendors graphics on the plane,(Callie Graphics) as I changed her to the Glamorous Glenn III livery. All these changes are done and the taxi tests and bench test of the motor esc combo are done. Now all I need is a less Wendy day to do the trim flight. The kit shipped out very quickly, and arrived on time with no damage. Everything was in perfect condition. Great marks for Grayson as this. Is my first order from them. As they did so well I will definitely buy here again. This is my third Dynam plane and all fly exceptionally well, so I don't expect any surprises. If you folks at Grayson would like I can send in some pics of the finished kit. (Posted on 1/19/2014)

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