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Dynam RC Smart Trainer PNP

Dynam Smart Trainer PNP

Another outstanding aerobatic plane from Dynam RC. This model is the plug and play version. All the servos,, brushless motors, and control surfaces are factory ready. All you will need to supply is the 5 channel radio, receiver, 4S 2600 Lipo battery and of course, charger.

Airplane Features:
  • Great Flying Airplane
  • Perfect 2nd Airplane
  • EPO Construction (damage resistant)
  • Great Looking paint / color scheme
  • Powerful 3720 dectrum brushless motor
  • Comparable to a Apprentice for training but 1/2 the price
Airplane Specifications:
WingSpan 59.06in (1500mm)
Length 51.2 (1300mm)
Motor Size BM3720 600kv (Installed)
Recommended Battery 14.8v 2600 mAh 30C (NOT INCLUDED)
Propeller 13 x 6 (2 bladed)
ESC Size 40Amp (Detrum) - Installed)
Servos 4 servos total (3 x 9g & 1 x 17g) - Installed
Transmitter 4 + Channel (NOT INCLUDED)
Charger NOT INCLUDED 2S - 4S lipo charger
Receiver 5+ ChannelĀ (not included)
Weight 63.3oz (1800g)
Flying Time Average (6-10 mins)
Dynam Smart Trainer

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Customer Reviews

Flew great as a trainer but slow Review by Will
Great trainer (Posted on 9/28/2016)
Greatest plane I have run across Review by Ron
Outstanding plane very friendly for take offs
You may want to beef up the bottom for learning to land
It is a favorite plane
I bought a second one for future back up unit

Dynamn ARFs are the best deal for your money having the components mounted and match allow more time to fly and learn (Posted on 4/6/2016)
Nice plane, fun to fly Review by Quisco
Didn't have an issue with the instructions, though a newby might have a little trouble. The stickers are huge and hard to apply properly; best to cut them in sections before applying. The plane flies really nice and has adequate power to do some aerobatics. I do not consider it a trainer, but maybe an advanced trainer. The nose gear is weak and will definitely need to be strengthened unless you always make perfect 3-point landings. Definitely recommend. (Posted on 11/4/2015)
Great flying plane that makes you look like a pro landing Review by Mark
I agree with the previous poster. Instructions are the pits. Better to just throw them away along with the microscope you would need to see the illustrations. Had trouble with the ESC with Spektrum transmitter. You need to run the throttle trim all the way down and the throttle sub trim down too otherwise you'll get ratcheting like when the motor has a bad sector. Plane flies great and is very stable and smooth. Be aware that the nose gear won't hold up if you land on it first. Fortunately the Smart makes it easy to consistently touch down on the mains while holding the nosegear off.. (Posted on 10/26/2015)
Review by Ken Daughtry
This is a large airplane. Overall, a very nice plane and a nice flyer. Cons- 1) Terrible instructions, if you are new to this sport, you will need some help putting this together. An experienced flyer will just throw away the instructions and use your common sense to put the thing together. 2) Decals are very large and tricky to put on. I recommend cutting the larger ones into 2 or 3 sections, apply the decals before you assemble the plane. I left the decals off my plane and I think it looks better that way. 3) When putting the tail section on the fuse, do not over tighten the two bolts that hold it together. If you do, you might strip the plastic holder and then not be able to get the screw back out (should you want to take the tail section off or change servos). 4) ESC throttle curve is very short, full throttle is about halfway on the stick. I was not able to program that out of the ESC. PROS- 1) Great price for a large nice looking plane. 2) Flys nicely and ground handling is excellent (but, doesn't slow down well so you need a little room to get it back to earth). Good power. 3) Nice presence in the air, many spectators commented on the plane as I flew it. Notes: Wings are a tight fit (a good thing), so be careful when you attach and remove them. Transport the plane carefully, I suspect the little foam winglets are vunerable. Be carefull handling the plane as it is easy to hit the nose gear and possible strip that servo. As I said at first, a nice plane at a great price. (Posted on 4/17/2015)

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