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Dynam SU-26M Plug and Play - Needs Receiver, Transmitter, & Battery

The Dynam RC Su-26m is a superb aerobatic airplane. Most all the work has been completed in the manufacture process, from assemble to paint to installation of the electronics, it has been all done for you, even before you open the box! All that's left to do is about 1 hour of final assembly and radio installation.

The Dynam Su-26M is an awesome high performance aerobatic stunt plane designed to perform complex 3D moneuvers with ease. The aircraft is painted in a vivid red paintscheme which looks just as great up close as in the air. Like all Dynam aircraft, the Su-26M is made from durable EPO foam which is both light, strong and easy to repair.

The EPO foam is some of the most crash-resistance material in the market (which you will not need since this is a gem to fly). The take off is easy from most hard surfaces or very short grass-field. The large brushless motor provides plenty of power which enables the Dynam SU-26m to perform many aerobatic stunts

Build time is around 60 min from box to air. Expect flight time to be from 6-10 minutes

Airplane Features:
  • Powerful 3720 brushless (650kv) outrunner brushless power system
  • 50A Brushless ESC with Switch-Mode BEC
  • Durable and lightweight EPO construction with many surface detailse
  • Suitable for Both Intermediate and Experienced Pilots.
Airplane Specifications:
WingSpan 47.2inches / 1200mm
Length 45.9inches / 1165mm
Servos 4 servos installed ( 2 x 9g & 2 x 17g - installed)
Battery Factory Recommmend 2200 14.8v 20c(Grayson Recommends 2600-3000mAh 14.8v 30c)
Motor Size 3720 (650kv) outrunner brushless motors (installed)
ESC Size 50A Brushless ESC with Switch-Mode BEC (installed)
Prop Size Dynam 13 x 7
Radio 4 Channel (NOT INCLUDED)
Charger 4S+ (11.8v) Lipo Charger (NOT INCLUDED)
Receiver +4 Channel (NOT INCLUDED)
Flying Weight (AUW) 45.9oz / 1300g w/Battery
Flying Time 5- 10 Minutes with the Grayson Gold 2600mAh 11.1v 30C or longer

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Customer Reviews

WOW, What a smooth flying plane! Review by 007
This is a really good airplane but it is IMPERATIVE you do your modification work on it before you fly. I'll give you the list of "to-do's" in a moment. You can also find them on various websites about this plane. Just don't fly it without preemptively tackling its fatal flaws first- unless you like gluing foam back together better than flying.

I have flown her now four times. The first time I only had to trim her with a few clicks to aileron and a few up clicks on elevator. She flies very straight and reminds me of a pattern plane with the way she moves. My rates are low and expo is up around 50 on all surfaces.

I run a gyro in her and ran her in 2d mode the first time as I got ready for trimming.

The second time I flew she got unleashed on low rates without gyro. I do find I have to move CG back a bit from what manual recommended in order to hover properly. With factory recommended CG hovering is only possible for a short while. But, to hang her out to dry in the air you're gonna need to move the CG Back to your liking.

The blenders and snap rolls were fun and pretty easy. Flat spins are gonna have to be done on higher rates and with a CG change, for me at least. Her balance point just didn't give the flat spin I wanted. She easily pulls out of hard maneuvers. Her power and control surface area seems to make violent recoveries relatively simple. This is where her lightness come in handy. She recovers without much issue concerning wing loading. Excellent aerobatic capability.

Two other flights after this trial aerobatic run all went just as well. Wind will be problematic and a definate consideration. You've gotta plan for this plane to get tossed by the air currents. It's fun, but landing in the wind will need to be accounted for- no different than any other plane we fly though. She is not heavy though, and wind will push the airframe around quickly and effortlessly.

Landing were surprising. I don't think I ever flown a plane that lands this well. It can grease the strip at higher speed. I brought it in slow too and she settled down just as well. I would recommend a little more speed than not in terms of landing rather than floating in. 1/8 to 1/4 throttle landing is where I found comfort. No weird or unexpected twitching tendencies. She does tip stall, so watch out on low tight corners. You can glide it in at speed to land but better bring it in under some power.

Here are the Mods you MUST do:

1. Control horns stink. Just redo the tail feathers entirely. Horns, servos, hinges.
2. Replace both rudder and elevator servo. Awful, just awful. I went with HS82's fit perfectly.
3. Glue/reinforce firewall. I used carbon rods and epoxy. Be ingenious but secure it. They use only a small of glue. I saw it for myself when removing the wall. Pathetic work, even by current Chinese child slave labor standards.
4. Locktite everything!
-motor mount
-motor screws
-rod screws (those little brass barrels with the screws that secure the rods.
5. Hinge tape all foam hinges/ or CA hinge. Just make sure you do it for security. They will break apart.
6. 14 x 8 or 13 x 6.5 prop. Some even run a 14 x 10. I run a Master AirScrew Electric 13 x 6.5)
7. New ESC? Miy Dynam ESC is still installed and it seems good but you gotta set it to low. Motion RC has a video detailing it.
-set throttle on ESC as well. Trim it down to very bottom then set it. Then bring it up until the prop just about starts moving. Then about four clicks down.
8. Reinforce that landing gear!! Glue to goodness out of it!! or you can do a plate mod. I just glued it and its been good for me. But so far the landing are good.
9. Balance prop and CG of plane.
10. Get a prop nut and ditch the stupid unbalanced spinner. It's junk.
11. Add magnets to battery compartment cover and velcro the gap behind cockpit. Dynam was careless and this part doesn't fit properly. Just velcro it.
12. Glue cowl on. It falls off in flight. just tack it. You may need it off some other time.
13. Either floor wax or polyurethane (water based) the plane before assembly. The paint will smudge otherwise. Plus it adds to its slippery nature in the air and adds rigidity.
14. Drill air vents in the fake plastic engine cover to cool ESC. About 10 holes equally spaced. Unnoticeable.

*15* (turnigy ESC) 50 plush. I have one but have not installed it yet. If you run a gyro like me then I would recommend it for the BEC. I will do this soon. If no Gyro then I wouldn't worry about it.

These are the foundations of making this plane what it should look like from the factory. It's fun doing this work and it pays off in the air. These things make this plane fly like a very expensive plane. It's worth the time and you get to know your plane inside and out. Do this and you will have successful flights without the worry of gremlins ruining and otherwise perfect day at your airfield.
(Posted on 10/13/2016)
Great Review by robert kuras
Had a problem with the decals. ( came wrinkled ) Grayson took care of the problem immediately.. A++++ (Posted on 8/23/2016)
flies great but don't neglect to check reviews and correct a number of items. Review by Gerald Rainforth
I knew the weaknesses of this model before ordering. During assembly I reinforced hinge lines, loctited where needed, removed 2 tin pieces and replaced with magnets to secure cowl, and strenghtened motor mount with Gorilla glue.
This model does not have the bad habits of a very similar one from a different mfr. Since I don't have 4 cells I installed a more powerful 1000kv motor to use my 2600- 3300 3 cells. Very satisfying!! (Posted on 3/22/2016)
Great Plane - Best so Far Review by Roberto
Great Plane - Best so Far maybe one day my skills will get better as the Grayson Youtube video. But until then, this flies great. I LOVE the color scheme as its easy to see in the air. Plenty of power, as just as Grayson Hobby suggested, I used the Gold 2600 4S 35C and it balanced perfect.

I may add the Eagle Tree gryro to 'help' with my knife edges and hoovering.

(Posted on 2/8/2016)
Fast and aerobatic Review by SandyGabby
Very similar in flight characteristics to the Dynam Sbach 342. Weak landing gear will not hold up to rough landings.
Strong vertical with almost unlimited up line. Good 3D capabilities and also a good sport flyer. (Posted on 10/2/2015)
Review by Tony Johnson
Very pretty SU 26. Assembled easily. First flight elevator servo wouldn't center-- replaced elevator servo. Flew great 10 minutes 2 seconds on a Grayson Gold 2600 4 cell 35c. Flies fast but will still fly at a crawl.
For the money it's a real bargain and great flying plane. (Posted on 2/14/2015)
Review by Dawn Sponholz
I bought two of these this one and the red and white one ! Had a problem with both planes . On the same side of each plane , left side. The screw that hold the wings in wouldnt mount and align the right way ! Got pretty frustrated ! But called my Buddy over who has been rc planing for 30 years and he fixed the problem with some adjusting and now wings on both planes are on nice and tight! Also both planes were missing the quick connectors. But ordered a bunch on here and the plane should be good to go ! But it's a sharp looking plane and built well even though we had a minor problem, but thats all fixed now ! Just waiting for the quick connectors to come in and adjust the ailerons and servos. Allready have the reciever in ! Get that done and bind it to the Transmitter and she should be ready to fly high ! Sharp looking plane ! (Posted on 5/1/2014)
Review by Leonid Shohedbrod
Plane came with a defective motor.
Buy I want to mention a high quality of Graysonhobby customer support:
I received a motor replacement very quickly, relatively chip shipping. This plane is a great flyer. It can fly and land slowly. Very easy to build and it looks great in the air. (Posted on 2/21/2014)

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