Dynam Supermate DC6 (AC/DC) Multi Function Lipo Balance Charger



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Dynam Supermate DC6 AC-DC Multi Function Lipo Balance Charger

Multifunction Charger Balance Charger for 2-6 cell LiPo Batteries, 1-15 NiCd/NiMH Batteries and Lead Acid Batteries Complete with Leads and Universal Connectors;


  • Digital Charger for all Batteries as follow:
    • Li-On, Li-Po, Li-Fe (1 ~ 6 cells)
    • Ni-MH (1 ~ 15 cells)
    • Ni-CD (1 ~ 15 cells)
    • Lead-Acid (2V ~ 20V)
  • Input voltage as low 11 up to 18 volts.
  • LCD screen with 2 Lines.
  • Auto charging current adjustment for voltage peak region with auto-cutoff when battery cells are fully charged.
  • Load polarity protection, short protection, and input polarity protection.
  • Cycling Charging ~ Discharging
  • Storage / Store Mode (gives your Lipos more life when not using for extended period of time)


  • Input Voltage range: 11-18V DC
  • Regular Home Outlet (110)
  • Charger Current: 0.1A~ 5.0A
  • Discharge Current: 0.01A ~ 1A
  • Trickle Charge Current: 0~250mA
  • Charge Termination Method
    • Ni-MH & Ni-CD: Delta Peak
    • Li-PO & Li-Io: Constant
  • Battery Cycling: max 5 cycles
    • ending charged ~ discharged
  • Auto adjustable charge current up to 5Amp charge


What's in the Box:

  • SuperMate DC6 with LCD Display
  • 5 x connector pigtails for charging various batteries connector types
  • Balance Adapter for JST-HX Connectors from 2 cells up to 6 cells (industry standard)
  • Extension Cable for Balance Connector
  • English Manual in CD 

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Customer Reviews

Works great Review by Arthur Bailey
needed new charger for all my batteries and this one fits the bill. (Posted on 7/14/2016)
Review by andrew bradford
Does just what it's supposed to do!

The alligator clips are a nice touch for those E-flite connectors and other odd balls.

Charger is very easy to use. Balancing feature is very handy.

The charger will run off of AC/DC. Be sure to check your DC supply's max current rating to ensure you wont be cut off!

Better off to just use your car battery!

I think I got the last charger they had though.....

I hope they get more! (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Review by Garrett Davis
This is the first charger / balancer that my son and I have purchased and used. We love it. The menus are simple. It came fully equipped with all the necessary connectors to charge every battery type connector that we have. I would recommend getting a EC3 adaptor if you have that type battery connector. I would recommend this charger to anyone. I noticed several people use it at the RC club my son and I belong to. (Posted on 8/28/2014)
Review by wayne mayes
I got my charger about three weeks ago. The only complaint I have is that you cant see the LED type in bright sunlight. I cant or any of my buddies without covering the charger to shade it. Anyone else having this problem or did I get a bad one? otherwise I like the charger. Inside my house I can see it. (Posted on 8/11/2013)
Review by Nicholas Murphy
Great charger!! almost no complaints other than the Lipo balance adapter was put in its holder the wrong way, but it was very simple to pop it out and turn it around. Other than that i have no issues! (Posted on 5/18/2013)
Review by Jared Marks
Does this charger run off of outlet power (has its own power supply)? If it has its own power supply what is the maximum number of amps that can be used to charge a battery while using outlet power? (Posted on 4/21/2013)

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