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Dynamite Fast-Start Nitro Starter Pack



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Dynamite Fast-Start Nitro Starter Pack
This is the Dynamite Fast-Start Nitro Starter Pack. This starter pack includes a majority of the small items needed to get your nitro rig running. The DC 3-way 1A/4A peak charger features JST, Tamiya and glow plug ignitor connectors to charge a majority of the nickel chemistry batteries needed for nitro. This charger has been combined with an 1100mAh NiMh receiver battery, and a 1600mAh NiCd glow ignitor for an easy to use battery combo. The 4-way t-wrench has 5.5mm, 7mm and 10mm nut driver ends, as well as an extended long reach end with a handy internal grabber for glow plug installation and removal that holds the plug securely. Finally, a 120mm flat head tuning driver and a 250cc fuel bottle are included to round out this convenient package.


  • DC 3-way 1A/4A Peak Charger
  • 5 cell hump Ni-MH 1100 receiver battery pack
  • Ni-Cd 1600 glow igniter
  • 4-way glow plug wrench
  • Tuning screwdriver
  • 250cc fuel bottle

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