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Eachine Goggles One - 5.8G 40CH 1080p HDMI FPV GogglesOne



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Works with FatShark - FatShark Compatible - Dji Phantom Series, DJI Inspire, 3DR, and other Drones with with HDMI connectors.

  • 5.8G support analog video input,  HDMI high-definition video input
  • 1920*1080p Highest resolution
  • Bulit-in 5.8G, 40 frequency auto search frequency receiver)
  • Built-in audio volume headphone output(adjustable volume
  • Built-in headset, HDMI jack
  • Built-in English, German, Japanese, French and other languages
  • Support brightness adjustment -


Package included:

1 X Goggles One FPV Goggles
1 X HDMI to USB Cable
1 X 7.2V Battery
1 X Battery charger cable
1 X User Manual

Eachine Goggle One

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Customer Reviews

GOOD SET OF GOGGLES ! Review by michael roach
Real nice picture but if you wear glasses they will not fit in the goggles but the price is the best part at $150 bucks they would be great for a young new beginner !! (Posted on 8/16/2016)
Good , except Review by Michael Rennels
Actually if I could give it a 3.5 I would have. I like the price of this unit. An affordable FPV viewer. My only use is for the phantom 3 pro. The resolution is nice and it works well. My biggest complaint is that the bottom OSD is cut off. I contacted eachine support and they totally shined me on. I don't know from personal experience but have heard there are receiver problems when using the antenna. (Posted on 8/9/2016)
Good, but not great. Review by Gabriel B Gelinas
Focal lens was a bit too close to the screen which made it seem blurry when goggles are all the way on, but holding them just a bit away from face was clear. So I opened and made new slots for it and has better focus when on my face. Be careful, build materials are not very strong, but adequate. Very nice HD video and great sound through headphones! Got extra battery for such a long pre-order wait, but worth it! (Posted on 8/2/2016)
Very nice for the money. Doesn't fit over glasses. Review by John Tharp
The screen is big and clear. The molding and padding is well designed and comfortable. Very little light is allowed into the headset by the form fitting design. The circulation fan is moderately effective except on really steamy days. I added a strip of trim tape to seal the rough gap between the upper and lower halfs of the outer shell.
My only real criticism is that the headset doesn't fit over my wife's glasses so if she wants to learn to fly FPV, (hey! It could happen!) I'll need to alter the foam or get a different unit for her. (Posted on 8/1/2016)
Great Goggles Review by Dave N
I have had these now for 6 days, all I can say is I am very impressed. I am running a 3S lipo and have not experienced any of the issues I have read online. I am also surprised I am only the 3rd review. I know Grayson sent out 100s. So these must not be that bad after all :)

I wish fit was a bit better, but these are doing exactly what I expect for the price. (Posted on 7/28/2016)
Upgrade the antennae, big difference and less static. Review by Ken
I was having some static and after watching the video on youtube from GraysonHobby on the Goggles One, i purchased and installed my new antennae. The static disappeared and to be honest, I can not tell a difference between these and my flying buddies fat shark dominators. The fit is OK I must have a shaped face, but I could by 3 of the GogglesOne for what a comparable FatShart costs.
Screen quality is super, very pleased after reading some reviews. I am very happy with Grayson Hobby, they sent an email they arrived and I had them in time for the weekend. If you are on the fence, I would purchase these, they are definitely not the worse goggles on the market, but some of the lest expensive. (Posted on 7/25/2016)
Great Goggles For the money Review by Topher
1st off, the reviews are RCGroups, I would be skeptical. Some were out before these were released! Really, I small a rat.. So now to the goggles, I got mine from Grayson after a very long wait due to manufactures delays. Grayson sent a few emails and even a personalized video.. Now thats what Im talking about for Customer Service. Mine came with a 2nd battery, very happy for Grayson for that. The googles video is outstanding when hooked up to the HDMI. FPV is great, what else do you expect for $149. I could have dropped $500 for fatshark and maybe get a better product. For my use as a weekend flyer and some weekday testing, these are perfect. Not all the bells and whistles and not for a crazy high price. Over all i love these the GogglesOne for the value. Im glad I waited and bought them from Grayson Hobby who are located in the USA. (Posted on 7/25/2016)
I like them Review by Eric Kyler Carpenter
Picture quality is amazing with 1080 feeds. For stock Eachine falcon FPV feeds it's still great. Zero issues paring. Fans a bit louder than expected and battery life could be better. I'd rec omens at least three. Haven't had a chance to test with my inspire's yet but plan on it soon. HDMI out from my computer worked flawlessly too. Only complaint is that due to the shape of face/nose I either have a small portion of the screen cut off or my nose is pinched so it's harder to breath through and I find myself mouth breathing more than usual. I'm sure that it will fit some faces just fine. Overall glad I went this route and didn't pay more for HP's version. 7" is too much IMO. 5 is just right for both the big companies hdmi out and FPV racing. Just my 2 cents. Buy it, you'll be happy. (Posted on 7/23/2016)

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