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Battery Analyzer, battery checker,

The MUST HAVE for anyone flying electric. From Drones to Airplanes its key to know what your electronics are doing and how much battery power remaining.


Measures and displays key parameters for your elctric power setups (battery, motor, ESC performance)
to help you avoid the possibility of burning out your electronic components and crashing due to low battery.

Typical applications:

  • To assist with the correct prop slection
  • To measure the actual values of current, voltage and power
  • To prevent peak currents from damaging your battery, ESC, motor(s), wiring and connectors
  • To verify the operating voltage of your flight pack under load and measure the quantity of charge drawn from the flight or drive battery.

Bottom line, if you want to experiment with differnt props this is the tool for you. Installing a larger prop, even if its only 1 inch longer can greatly increase the load on the electrical system. This meter will tell you what the prop & motor is drawing. Also, for those what want to go from 2 blade to 3 blade prop or vise vera, this is an absolutely a necessity.

How it works... You have a 30Amp ESC and want your plane fly faster, you grab the 1st prop out of your nventory and slap it on the plane. Next you bench test the motor / prop for less than 10 seconds and red the watt meter is drawing 40Amps which is over the maximum amperage draw for your ESC. Now you go back to your box and put on a smaller prop. Without this tool, you can easily see how this prevented a totoal electical failure.

This is a great Digital Battery Capacity Checker. Know your packs!

The battery analyzer  is a quick, convenient, easy-to-use device. The Digital Battery Capacity Checker is compatible with Lithium based batteries from 2S to 7S, and supports Nickel based batteries from 4 to 7 cells.

It shows at a glance the remaining capacity in your battery pack, cell balance, and other information you need to get the best performance and reliability from your batteries, and avoid costly mistakes. The large LCD display and capacity graphs are easy to read, and the SUPER low price of the Digital Battery Capacity Checker compared with the high cost of batteries make it a sure money-saving addition to every toolbox at the flying field, boat races, or car race track.

Package Included:

1 x Watt Meter / Power Analyzer
1 x Battery Checker

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