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GH Super Mega Jet V2 Brushless Outrunner Motor



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GH Super Mega Jet V2 Brushless Outrunner Motor
Grayson Hobby SuperMega Jet V2
Designed and sold Exclusively by GraysonHobby. NO other motors in the world can out perform the Grayson Hobby line of park motors. Just ask our 1000s of satisfied customers word wide!
MegaJet Speed 500 Size ParkJet Motor

After 4 yrs GraysonHobby and Welgard learned how to improve the original GH2212-06, by making it larger. GraysonHobby was worked closely with Welgard for several months to develop a ‘V2 MegaJet’ which is a high speed high KV 500 size brushless motor for ultra fast parkjets and parkflyers. Prop range is limited due to the High Kv (2200) rating of this motor. Use with 3 cell lipo battery capable of sustaining 40 amps. Prop range is from 6x5 to 6x5.5.

The motor features a 3.17mm hardened steel shaft, dual ball bearings, and has 3.5mm gold spring male connectors already attached and includes 3 female connectors for your speed control. Mounting holes have 16mm and 19mm spacing on centers and are tapped for 3mm (M3) screws. (ie if the mount does not fit, turn it 90 degrees)

GraysonHobby worked closely with the several manufactures and THIS is the design that won.   Reaching 80mph is no problem with this setup on most parkflyers.


Grayson SuperMega Jet - Little Screamer - MegaMotor

Type Grayson Hobby SuperMega Jet V2
KV(rpms per volt) 2200
Resistance 0.06 ohms
Watts up to 380
Continuous Current 40A
Max Burst Current 55A,10seconds
Cells 3s  Li-Po (11.1v)
Recommended Props APC 5x5, APC 6x4, APC 6 x 5.5
Diameter 35 mm
Weight 76g  -  2.93oz
Brushless ESC 50A


Prop APC 6 x4 
Voltage 11.1v (3s)
Current 28A
Watts 316w
Pitch Speed 79.2MPH / 20910RPM
Thrust (oz) 32oz


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Customer Reviews

Great motor Review by Carl D. Davis
This motor performs very well for a foamy pusher jet that I fly. (Posted on 9/5/2016)
good motor Review by sanford bennett
turns 20,000 rpm on 3cell 2200mah with 6-5.5 apc prop 32oz. thrust (Posted on 7/8/2016)
Great motor Review by David Jensen
I just finished flying my new SU37 jet.Pushs my tree pound jet with ease. (Posted on 4/10/2016)
good Review by luis candelas
Good motor (Posted on 2/22/2016)
great park jet motor Review by Barry Greene
The super mega jet v2 motors are a fantastic power plant for park jets with wing spans of 29" to 34" loads of power on 6x5.5 or 6x4 props. love this little motor. Thanks Grayson for a great product (Posted on 2/16/2016)
Awsome Review by Kenneth R Norris
Makes your foamies get going. (Posted on 1/22/2016)
Best motors on the market!!! Review by Ben
I've got a couple of these and they are great on park flyers as well as a great hop up for Bixlers and Sky Surfers. I also use the V-3 on foamies I build from RC Powers plans. (Posted on 9/6/2015)
Review by Marbris Dillard
All I can say is OMG! This motor pushed my dollar tree foam board scratch build to 94 mph, logged on a voltron GPS logger. I have been flying the supersonic motor which flew my plane very well on a 6x5.5 apc e. But this smjv2 is a whole other animal! Vertical is unlimited, and turns a 7x5 prop all day with no heating problems at all. My setup is smjv2, 3S 2200 30C lipo, detrum 60 amp esc. I have never tried a 4S with this motor, and honestly I have no intention to at this point lol. Flight time is 5-7 minutes. This motor is awesome. I ordered the monsterjet to test 4S on my next scratch build. Plane weight is 21 oz full flying weight. Only issue is I have to be careful pulling up to hard cause the thrust is very hard on my wings even with reinforcement and kfm4 airfoils. (Posted on 3/3/2014)
Review by Karson Ebersole
What is the highest volts for this motor? Can i use a 6s (Posted on 1/9/2014)
Review by Howard Cole
I have used this motor in about three different scratch build. I fly them until they can't be wrecked any more, then I put the motor in the next one. It is fast, light, and can really take a beating. I have yet to fly it in something too heavy for it to fly fast. What a powerhouse! Unlimited vertical climb and quick throttle response. I only go up to 3s lipo. Can't imagine flying anything any faster than that. (Posted on 2/4/2012)
Review by John Easterday
Using the super megajet V2 with castle ICE 50 amp ESC, APC 6 x 5.5 prop, NRG outrage 1800mah 4S lipo. This setup propelled my custom parkzone F27C stryker to a doppler measured 109 mph!!! Great motor for a great price!!! (Posted on 1/11/2012)
Review by Jared Dunlap
this motor has been awesome. i use it in my profile jets that are about 28 oz with battery and this motor pushes it like a rocket through the air. i originally had the microjet v3 on my planes and i had to build my planes stronger just to cope with the increased speed. the construction is of high quality, even down to the bullet connectors and pliable wires. overall i am very happy. (Posted on 12/14/2011)
Review by leonard arnone
Review by Jeff Crankshaw
So I have pushed the limits of this megajet and am very impressed still! I ran a bench test using a 4S 2200mah 40C battery, 60A ESC and a 6x4 prop and got 680 watts out of it. This is an incredible motor and can take a wide variety of combinations from a 2S 3000mah 40c that swings an 8x4 to a 4S 2200mah 40C that swings the 6x4 and everything in between.

On a side note, because I push my megajet motors to max limits, I have had to glue magnets back into place. the process is simple and the motor is very easy to dissemble. Problems never occurred until I pushed the motor beyond its manufactured specifications so with that said, I give it 5 stars! I own 2 of these. (Posted on 3/29/2011)
Review by Jeff Crankshaw
So with bigger park jet applications I am getting into, the mega jet was my first choice. You have many options for props and batteries ranging from 2S to 4S batteries. I have experimented with 3 different prop sizes (6x4, 6x5.5 and 7x5) all using a 3S 2200mah 40C battery and this motor handles them all with ease. The 7x5 prop will push a 28oz F22 at cruising speed on 1/4 throttle and only needs 45%throttle on a hand toss. Very powerful! I can't wait to try a 6x4 on a 4S battery here soon. For more info, visit my site at (Posted on 11/25/2010)
Review by James Allison
This motor is a BEAST on 4s with a 6x4 prop. If you have been thinking of getting one or you already have one, try it on 4s. You'll absolutely love it!!! (Posted on 6/26/2010)
Review by Scott Frey
This motor is incredible. Not only is it super fast it hardly uses any battery. I have it on my Funjet and it does about 90 MPH and on a 3s 2200mah battery I get a 15 minute flight. (Posted on 6/16/2009)
Review by Justin Birkhofer
I bought this item because I saw it used by Dave Powers in some of his videos, yet my expectations were greatly exceeded. The RPM and power this thing puts out is simply amazing with a 6 x 4 prop. In fact, I installed it in a parkjet I built and only tested it to half-throttle until I took it outside holding it away from myself throttled up to full. I was actually afraid it might be strong enough to shatter a prop, the prop adapter might come loose, or the plastic motor mount I attached it too might break. It ran clear past 20,000 RPM very smoothly on a 3S 2200mah 20C - no problems! I bought the motor only because Grayson was out of the discount ESCs, and I have a spare Thunderbird 54, which works great with this motor at any RPM. There is no stutter, no shake, and only smooth operation. I am going to buy another and build an SU-35 Jet (Posted on 6/5/2009)
Review by dan pope
this little motors screams.order it last week and put it on my fff f22 jet i built .test flight on may 6 /09 and it extreamly fast. put a smile on my face that will last for days.i will be ordering more this is the best motor combo out their fore homebuilt parkjets.
grayson hobby is the best they will have my bussness for life.

thank you graysonhobby. dan pope (Posted on 5/7/2009)
Review by bryan barber
I fly this puppy on my Steve S F-18 on a 3s 2170 lipo and she hits 80 mph. I have seen this motor outrunner the LSSPJ at SEFF (video is posted at RCG in SEFF forum (1 MIg vs 4 F-16's) and it is well worth the cost.

ATIS (Posted on 5/6/2009)
Review by brian jones
I bought this motor a while back and I love it. I'first mounted it on an F-15 with thrust vectoring and had a blast. In reality the plane only needs a 22-12-06 but overkill is just my way. It out performs my E-Flite 2000 Kv Six series, in speed, thrust, Watts, and weight for less than half the price. It's built well and works great. (Posted on 1/23/2009)
Review by Ryan Olszewski
I just bought this motor and it is as advertised. I did have a compatibility problem with my ESC's I already owned. I tried it with a GP Silver Series 45 and 35 amp and the motor got extremely hot and was rough. As soon as I hooked it up to the 30mp Welgard I bought here for the regular parkjet motor it was fine.

I have to keep the prop size down due to the esc being on 30 amp. Very good numbers on the eagle tree in-flight data recorder.

On a Graupner 5.5x5.5 it was maxed at takeoff at 31amps and in-flight bursts up to 28 apms and 350watts. On a 6x4 apc it maxed at 30 amps and 320watts. I hand launched on the 6x4 at half throttle. A lot of thrust. The plane is my glassed and modified (pusher now) GWS A-10. It ran well on the GH2212-06 but this motor gives at least 30% more power if not more. Vertical performance was great and top speed noticeably faster. I'm going to stick with the 5.5x5.5 for efficiency and top end speed till I get the 40amp controller. Then I'll try the 6x6. (Posted on 6/23/2008)
Review by Richard Patton
Wow, I love this motor on my beanie Mig 25. It is a larger FFF and requires the extra thrust this motor provides. The plane was draggy till I put this motor with the speed control combo in it. You do need a 25C battery. Great value for the price and Grayson has been outstanding with their customer service.

Rick (Posted on 4/2/2008)
Review by Carl Michael Co
all I can say is"WOW". i have this motor installed in a t-38 parkjet foamy. i had never imagined that i could do 70mph ever. this motor rocks so much that i had ordered another one to put in an f-18. i ran the motor through 4 consecutive batteries, 2200 mah 3s 25c and after the final video was shot, landed the plane and the mtor was just a lil warm.very great product.
go grab yours before i start stocking this up for my park jets.... (Posted on 4/1/2008)

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