International Shipping

Welcome to International. We proudly ship to many countries worldwide. We are continually striving to increase that number so if your country is not listed please email our friendly International sales staff for shipping options and transit times.

International Shipping (policy change 01Jan2010)

  • Package Size
  • Shipping Cost
  • Flat Rate Box (most EU countries)
  • $24.95 See note below
  • Flat Rate Box to Mexico & Canada
  • $21.95 See note below
  • Flat Rate Box (most Asia Pacific countries)
  • $29.95 See note below

All large foam and or airplane orders will incur an increased shipping charge. The shipping charge shown when the order is submitted is subject to change. If your order needs to be shipped in two separate boxes you will be notified via e-mail. The shipping charge reflected on your order confirmation e-mail will be the correct shipping cost.

Click here to download the Credit Authorization form. This document requires Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download it from the below link.


Import Taxes

There are no U.S. taxes; however, you will be responsible for any additional customs handling fees, duties and/or taxes. Because each country is different, and these fees change often, we do not know these fees. Your local post/customs office can give you this information.

If any international order is refused upon delivery for any reason, all customs & duty charges will be billed to you by GraysonHobby. Once a package enters your country these charges are not reversible whether the package is delivered to you or not. Orders may be returned after receipt if there are any problems. Please be aware of all related charges when ordering.

What can I order?

You may order all items shown in our online catalogue. If you would like to order an item that is not found on our website please email our friendly sales staff for price and availability.

How can I order?

You may only order via our secure online ordering system

How can I pay?

You may pay with a Master card, Visa card, Discover card, American Express or Pay Pal. Please note that Grayson Hobby may require additional information from you before we can process your order.

What is an International Authorization Form?

Any first time, International customer, that is placing an order over $100.00 and paying with Visa/MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or PayPal must fill out and submit an authorization form with their order. This is an extra precaution we take to protect you, the customer, from the possibility of fraudulent activity on your card. As long as you use the same Credit Card for all purchases made with Grayson Hobby then we will only require an authorization form be filled out once, for that Credit Card on file. If you change Credit Cards at anytime you will need a new authorization form filled out to correspond with that particular card. Once you have submitted your authorization form we would suggest using the same Credit Card to avoid having to submit another authorization form.

What happens if I do not receive my package?

UPS is the only methods of shipping that is covered by insurance that guarantees Grayson Hobby will replace packages if they are lost or damaged during transit. Note: Priority Mail, World Mail, and Express Mail do not offer a tracking service, and are NOT insured. Grayson Hobby will not replace packages that are lost or stolen if Priority Mail, World Mail, or Express Mail was the method of shipment chosen by the customer. Grayson Hobby will not be responsible for lost or stolen shipments to a non-current address. If we are not notified of an address change before the shipment of your order, refunds or replacements for a lost or stolen package will not be accepted.

What if something does not fit or I change my mind?

You are welcome to return or exchange any items purchased from Grayson Hobby. The products must be returned in the same condition they were received in. Grayson Hobby will refund the product cost only. All shipping fees and taxes incurred will be your responsibility.

Will I have to pay any taxes or import duties?

There are no U.S. taxes; however, you will be responsible for any additional customs handling fees, duties and/or taxes. Because each country is different, and these fees change often, we do not know these fees. Your local post/customs office can give you this information.

What happens if I refuse or abandon my order?

Grayson Hobby cannot issue credit for international packages which are refused or abandoned.

Who is responsible for import fees, duties, and other charges?

You will be the importer of record and will be responsible for all levies, duties, import fees, taxes and other charges. Grayson Hobby strongly suggests that you check with your local government agency to determine the extent of such charges prior to purchase. Grayson Hobby cannot issue credit in cases where packages are not delivered due to non-payment of fees.

Country List

  • AR: Argentina
  • AU: Australia
  • AT: Austria
  • BS: Bahamas
  • BH: Bahrain
  • BB: Barbados
  • BY: Belarus
  • BL: Belgium
  • BZ: Belize
  • BM: Bermuda
  • BR: Brazil
  • CA: Canada
  • KY: Cayman Islands
  • CL: Chile
  • CR: Costa Rica
  • HR: Croatia
  • CY: Cyprus
  • CZ: Czech Republic
  • DK: Denmark
  • DO: Dominican Republic
  • FJ: Fiji
  • FI: Finland
  • FR: France
  • PF: French Polynesia
  • DE: Germany
  • HU: Hungary
  • IS: Iceland
  • IN: India
  • IE: Ireland
  • IL: Israel
  • IT: Italy
  • JM: Jamaica
  • JP: Japan
  • LV: Latvia
  • LI: Liechtenstein
  • LU: Luxemburg
  • MT: Malta
  • MQ: Martinique
  • MX: Mexico
  • MD: Moldova
  • NL: Netherlands
  • NZ: New Zealand
  • NO: Norway
  • PE: Peru
  • PH: Philippines
  • PL: Poland
  • PT: Portugal
  • QA: Qatar
  • SA: Saudi Arabia
  • SK: Slovakia
  • SI: Slovenia
  • ZA: South Africa
  • KR: South Korea
  • ES: Spain
  • SE: Sweden
  • CH: Switzerland
  • TT: Trinidad and Tobago
  • TN: Tunisia
  • TR: Turkey
  • UA: Ukraine
  • AE: United Arab Emirates
  • UK: United Kingdom
  • VE: Venezuela
  • VN: Vietnam