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Multiplex Fun Jet Ultra Kit ARF



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Quick Overview

Multiplex Fun Jet Ultra Kit ARF
Multiplex FunJet Ultra Kit ARF

Key Features

  • Easy to hand launch, easy to land
  • Smooth, docile handling at Low and High speeds (upwards of 125mph)
  • Aluminum motor mount
  • Direct, precise control response
  • Elevon and throttle control
  • Made from high-density Elapor foam


Just when you thought your Multiplex FunJet was one of the fastest planes in its class, we went ahead and upped the ante with the ultra-fast, ultra-durable FunJet Ultra. With a high performance power system, this hotter-than-hot jet has the ability to accelerate up to 125 miles per hour while maintaining impeccable flying precision. The FunJet Ultra is constructed with high-density Elapor foam, providing considerable structural strength for high stress aerobatics and surviving even the roughest landings.

Designed for intermediate and advanced pilots, the FunJet Ultra brings lightning speed and uncompromising accuracy to your next flying adventure.

Grayson Hobby ParkJet Motor Options for the FunJet Kit (installation pictures are below)

Intermediate pilots (OPTION A)

Grayson Hobby ParkJet Combo 2212-06 V2 Super-Sonic Brushless Motor and GraysonHobby 30Amp ESC (click for details)

Expect top end speed to be around 60-85MPH

Advanced Pilots (OPTION B)

Grayson Hobby SuperMega Jet V2 Combo and 50Amp ESC (click for details)

Expect top end speeds from 50-100mph.


Motor Installation Click to Enlarge


Recommended Parts Needed to Complete (not included)

 Corona 929 METAL Gears. (click here)

At these blazing speeds, metal gear servos are a must or else you risk the chance of your cheap plastic parts failing in flight. 

You will need 2.  - Right Wing and Left Wing

 GraysonPower 2200ExtremeHV 11.1V 30C / 40C . (click here)

Not supplying your high speed motors the fuel they need will greatly reduce your top end speeds and or flight times.   Do not skip out when it comes to the battery.  It is just as important as your motor.

Spectrum Dx6 Radio System (click here)

Use A High Quality Radio system on this speed demon. 

The first full range 2.4GHz system for all types of aircraft is here - Spektrum’s DX6 2.4GHz 6-channel programmable system featuring DSMX

HYPERION EOS0606I AC/DC (click here)

 Balance charge your 2S - 6S (7.4V - 22.2V) Li-Poly packs as well as your NiMh, NiCads. It is even ready for your upgrade to A123 cells.  Not only can you charge at the filed thru the 12V leads this complete charge simple plugs into any outlet in your home thru the AC plug


For Insane Speed, upgrade to the the Grayson Hobby Super Mega V2 Combo (click here)

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