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Multiplex Fun Jet Ultra PNP w/ Grayson PowerPack



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Multiplex Fun Jet Ultra PNP & SuperMegaJet PowerCombo

Regular Price: $234.99

Special Price $159.99

Multiplex FunJet Ultra ARF & SuperMegaJet PowerCombo

Just when you thought your Multiplex FunJet was one of the fastest planes in its class, we went ahead and upped the ante with the ultra-fast, ultra-durable FunJet Ultra. With a high performance power system, this hotter-than-hot jet has the ability to accelerate up to 125 miles per hour while maintaining impeccable flying precision. The FunJet Ultra is constructed with high-density Elapor foam, providing considerable structural strength for high stress aerobatics and surviving even the roughest landings.

Designed for intermediate and advanced pilots, the FunJet Ultra brings

Best used with the Grayson Hobby SuperMega Jet V2 Combo and 50Amp ESC (click for details) Expect top end speeds from 50-100mph. SuperMegaJetV2


Motor Installation of the Grayson Hobby SuperMega Jet V2 and Customized CNC Aluminum Motor Mount

FunJet Ultra FunJet Ultra FunJet Ultra

FunJet Ultra FunJet Ultra FunJet Ultra

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Customer Reviews

Review by Robert Sanchez
I mounted a microjet, V3 Intermediate power combo, to my Multiplex FunJet. It is a very lightweight combination and it flys awesome. Very fast and tracks well. (50MPH) or so. (Posted on 3/13/2011)
Review by Mark Shinn
I bought mine with the Super Mega Jet V2 and truely love this plane. Over 90 mph with a 6x5.5 prop, for fast sport flying use a 6x4 for amazing vertical performance and easy hand launches. Very rugged and durable, mine has survived a 70 mph crash into pavement and still flies great after rebuilding. Very precise handling. The Super Mega Jet V2 has more than enough power and puts a smile on my face every time I fly. (Posted on 3/2/2011)
Review by Allan Deal
I bought Grayson Hobbies Funjet Combo a few weeks ago. I had been looking for a combo pack for this jet, and discovered that the receiver ready version is only available in Europe. I had done a lot of Internet searching when Grayson?s was brought to my attention.

Now my first impression was how slick the foam surface is. It?s almost feels oily. The foam has a lot of molding injection points on the surface, and if you are picky, they are quite easy to sand off. I honestly left mine, but wish that I had taken the time to sand them. The foam does not hold paint very well. I painted mine with acrylic paint, and the paint lets go quite easy. When I buy another one (if I tear mine up too bad), I would not paint it again. Every imperfection from a rough landing, to any damage at all shows up like a bright light at midnight.

It?s quite easy to put together. Took no time at all. I was terribly worried about using CA glue on this high-speed plane. I honestly did not think that the CA could hold up to the stress. I was wrong. The foam is very strong. I have planted mine 1 time on a bad landing from a sudden crosswind; cart wheeled at about 15 mph and had ZERO damage. None. I was impressed. Last Thursday, I planted it at 68 mph being stupid. The nose smooshed a little, and the rear engine mount broke off. That?s it. I had it fixed in 20 minutes. I?ve crashed other planes at a heck of a lot slower and had them totaled. This bird is one tough cookie.

You MUST use regular CA. NOT FOAM SAFE! Make sure that you have regular CA and Kicker when you place your order. You will also need 2 servos AND 2 extensions. Do not forget the extensions! You will need about 12 inches of extension for EACH servo. The recommended position for your receiver is right in the front, so the extensions are a must. Servo leads will only reach about ? of the wing length.

The combo pack is pretty good. I was told that the motor is a little smaller than is usually recommended. Mine had been clocked over 70 mph with a 6x4 prop, 2200mah 20c 3cell lipo and I?m satisfied. I?m drawing 19 amps at 290 watts.

The motor included with the combo pack is an out runner. The plane motor mount is set up for an in runner motor, but I found it easy to do a little modifying to make the out runner work. The motor packs enough power, with a 6x4 prop to fly vertical without pause.

I?m VERY satisfied with this aircraft, and the combo set offered. I?m not trying to break speed records, just fly on the edge of my seat. This thing does just that. Word of advise, if your radio can do it, reduce your expo to about 50 to 60% when you first fly her. She turns on a dime, and will hand you back 9 cents change. It?s so responsive, that it?s too responsive at high speed when you are not used to it. Gradually work your way back as you get comfortable. Enjoy. (Posted on 4/8/2008)

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