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Park 300 - 2204 & 10Amp ESC



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Park 300 - 2204 & 10Amp ESC

Indoor 3D Brushless Motor and ESC Combo

Motor Stats:
Ni-Mh Battery:  6 - 8 cells
Li-Po Battery: 2 / 3 cells
RPM per volt: 1400
Max efficiency: 77%
Max efficiency current: 2A - 6A (>74%)
No Load Current / 10V: 0.3A
Max Current: 7.5A / 60 sec
Dimension: 27.5 x 11mm
Shaft  3mm
Weight: 21.5g
Max Watt: 75W
Recommended Model Weight: 100 - 230g (3.5oz - 9oz) (3D Setups)
Recommed ESC: 10Amp

Recommended Propeller without gearbox

2 cells Li-Po: 8x4  7.8oz thrust
2 cells Li-Po: 8x3.8  9oz thrust

3 cells Li-Po: 7x3.5 

Please Note:  Integral prop saver is sized for APC props


ESC Technical Data
  • Weight: 8.2g (.29 oz)
  • Use with Ni-Cd,Ni-Mh, Li-Ion, and Li-Poly batteries
  • Size: 36 x 18 x 9 mm / 1.42in x 0.71in x 0.35in
  • Auto throttle calibration
  • Constant Current: 10A / 15Amp Burst (10Seconds)
  • BEC: 1 Amp (Suggested Use --> 2 Li-Poly=4 servos, 3 Li-Poly =3 servos)
  • Timing: Auto
  • Auto Voltage cutoff Set at 3.0V A Cell Li-Poly 0.8 NiCd/NiMH
  • Brake: Programmable On/Off
  • Auto shut down when signal is lost

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Customer Reviews

Very good Review by William R. Nichols
these little jewels preform very good on my 36" projects most have unlimited vertical climb. I would like to have a prop shaft. (Posted on 12/13/2015)
Review by David Lykins
I put this combo in a "Herr Engineering" Star Lite. On a two cell 800mha 20c battery this has more than enough power to move the Star Lite through its maneuvers. I have several Wellgard motors (Combo with ESC) and they ALL perform well and have never failed.

For the money its just a GREAT little combo. (Posted on 8/4/2013)
Review by Andy Fortier
All I can say is this baby cranks!!! It performs much better than other expensiver and heavier brushless motors. Plus as an added bonus it includes a hi-tech programable esc!!! lts simply the best motor and ESC combo offered for the weight!!! Auto 5 stars!!!!! (Posted on 6/17/2009)
Review by Randall Wrisley
The motor/ESC combo works great in my Twirl twin rotor autogyro. I seldom need more than half throttle and get around 12 minutes flying time from an the Grayson 0800mAh 2-cell lipo battery pack I purchased with this combo. (Posted on 2/16/2009)
Review by Marty Schrader
This little motor is almost too much for my Mini Swift to handle! I started with a 6x3 prop and the thing was speedy. Then I went to a 6x5 and it shot out of my hand like a rocket! Unlimited vert and about 7 amps in this configuration.

Bearings are adequate; machine work is nice; magnets are terrific. The 10 amp motor controller is plenty, and you save some weight by using the small guy. Connectors and wires are just right for this motor/controller combo.

I liked this combo so much I came back for two more of them for actual indoor foamies. (Posted on 11/8/2008)

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