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RC Flying Eagle - White



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RC Flying Eagle - White

FlyParty EPP Flying Eagle (1500mm)

If you have not seen the FlyParty EPP RC Raptor then you MUST see this bird.  Not only does this kit come from high quality material and dense EPP, it only takes 2-3hrs to get it flight worthy.  Everyone at your local flying field will be certain to ask you about this Eagle.  You will also intrigue the local wildlife and with out a doubt will come to investigate this new comer.  On our maiden flight of the EPP RC Raptor, several crows chased us around and then the resident hawk made sure we knew it was his field. 

The EPP Eagle Kit is an artistically crafted RC airplane. This excellent aerodynamic design of wings and V-tails allows excellent control even in a very low flying speed.   It is made of Expanded Ploypropylene (EPP) material. EPP is used to absorb energy such as automotive vehicle bumper cores, therefore is very durable and has high crash-landing tolerance. Each piece in the kit is made by the CNC machine with 100% precision. It is easy to assemble and the instruction is included in the kit. Experienced pilots can use customized radio and power parts. The large surface area of the main wings design allows the high loading weight 

Airplane Features:
  • Looks like a real bird flying in the Air!!
  • Removable Wings for easy transport and storage.
  • Made from EPP foam - this bird is super easy to fly, but if you do crash, repairs are very (hot glue or foam-tac)
  • Great for thermaling due to the large wings and low weight.
Airplane Specifications:
WingSpan 1500 mm (59 inches) -- Detachable!!! 
Length 800 mm (31.9 inches)
Servos 2 x 9g (not included)
Battery 1600 11.v 3S - 2200 11.1v 3S (not ncluded)
Motor Size Park 400 size motor (does not need much) - (not included)
ESC Size 1 x 20Amp (not included)
Prop Size APC Folding 9 x 6 to APC 10 x 7 slow fly (not included)
Electronics V-Tail Mixer for radios with this mix.
Charger 2-3s (7.4v - 11.1v) Basic Lipo Charger
Receiver +4 Channel (not included)
Weight 17.6oz  / 25oz MAX
Flying Time 10 -20 minutes with the Grayson Gold 2200mAh 11.1v 30C or longer
Airplane Features:
  • bottom of fuselage
  • side of fuselage (left & right)
  • top cover of front fuselage
  • top cover of rear fuselage
  • motor mount
  • v - tail foam (left and right)
  • triangular tail locking strip
  • main wing (left and right)
  • wing tip of the wing (left and right)
  • main wing front edge
  • firewall carbon fiber stick 500mm (for main wing backbone)
  • push rods
  • control horns
  • wood stik
  • screws rubber bands
  • fiber stick
  • 70mm eagle eye graphics

Grayson Hobby Manuals & Directions

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Customer Reviews

Awesome bird Review by Steven O'Hala
The Epp Eagle is one of the best flying Rc Birds ever! Very easy to construct. Use 30 minute epoxy for a strong bond. The power recommendations though are lacking. I use a 1000 - 800kv brushless with a 30amp esc, 10x7 E apc prop, 11.iv 2200mah 25C. With this set up she will fly like a fighter, turns like a quad, and soars the the eagle she is! V-tail is easy to use and allows her to maneuver with ease. I do suggest to reinforce the tail where the glue joints are with some balsa as this is the area bears lot of stress. you can use just about any kind of paint to decorate your bird. Not to mention it looks amazing at the field or park. you could even fly it indoors at a b-ball court she's so agile!!! My Eagle frequently stirs up a mess as the local raven population gets quite freaked out...LOL Have fun and get one today!!! You wont regret it. It's so easy to fly, my little boy fly's it no problem at all.
Steven O. (Posted on 3/8/2016)
Purchased a flying Eagle and was very satisfied. they fly well and everyone at the field enjoys watching it. I tried to order another one and so did members of my club but shows no stock. Hope you get more in Tks (Posted on 10/10/2008)
Review by Steven Betts
I love my finished Eagle and everyone really enjoys watching it fly except the local birds who like to gang up and try to chase me away! The 51 pages of instructions cover every detail of assembling and flying your Eagle. I ordered the GH speed control and brushless motor from the order pull downs. It has more power than it really needs and will fly for a long time on one charge. I deviated from the instructions by using 3M super 77 spary adhesive to glue the wing top and bottom together and added nylon bolts to replace the rubberbands for mounting the wings. Also make sure to use long servo arms to get the required control surface movement on the "V" tail. I used a fine tip permanent marker to draw all the feathers from a bald eagle diagram and then "painted by the numbers" with acrylic paint to finish the Eagle off. The final results were worth all the effort. I am using a 2100 mah Evo Lite lipo and the RTF weight is 23.5 ounces. I added an arming switch so that I can shut the Eagle off between flights as one battery pack will give me about as much time as I can stand. The gliding performance is not as good as a powered glider but is respectable if you leave the motor barely running. All in all I really enjoy my Eagle.It is very unique and has fooled a few birds of prey who flew over thinking I was circling in a thermal. As a glider pilot it is great getting even with the birds that fooled me into an area with no thermals. (Posted on 6/22/2008)
Review by Bob Kleis
I recently purchase the EPP Eagle and sat down with a table near my computer so I could read and build at the same time. I wasn't about to print the instructions as there were 51 pages. This was my first time using a hot glue gun and a trip to the Craft Store found me back at the house ready to start. The instructions were very clear and I enjoyed toe construction procedures. I decided I would rather have a one piece wing since it will
fit in most any car. I spread the wing panels and glued the carbon fiber rods in the slots in the wing panels before gluing the wings together. Having a glue gun in my hand made we feel like a ship building welder and I found myself making perfect continuous joints on every piece. Even with all of this I only added about 2 Oz. to the Eagle. My total all up weight with
1500 MA Lipo was 24 Oz. I found that by hot gluing some small pieces of thin lite ply to the inside of the fuselage it was easier to make servos and radio equipment stick with two sided tape.
The Eagle fly's great and does not really need full power for take off. It glides well and once up in the air is not affected much by wind gusts. It is an interesting model and it thrills the kids. (Posted on 6/16/2008)

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