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SPC Maker | 95GF 10A ESC - FrSky - No Lipo - Grayson Edidtion Micro FPV Racer | BNF



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SPC Maker | 95GF 10A ESC - FrSky - No Lipo - Grayson Edidtion Micro FPV Racer | BNF

SPC Grayson Edition 95GF Brushless FPV Racing Drone - FrSky - PNP

Check out the specs of the Grayson Edition of the SPC Maker 95GF - A few tweaks we requested were made and we are happy to say - this drone meets our standards of NOT JUNK!  This is a very cool quad and its loaded with genuine componets, 

  • Upgraded ESC Wire (18AWG)
  • XM+ FrSky RX Firmware update
  • No Lipos (lipos we tested were not able to keep up with the motors) - Get the LongBows for same price !

Brand name: SPC Maker
Product model: SPC 95GF
Wheelbase: 95mm
Size: 76mm*87mm*50mm
Weight: 72g (without battery)
Fligh30t weight: 105g(Include battery)
Motor: SPC Maker S1104 7500KV brushless motor
ESC: Mini 4 in 1 BLheli_s ESC (2-4S LiPo) 10A
Propeller: 50mm 4-blades propeller
Receiver: Receiver: Frsky Genunie | Authitic XM+  (FLASHED with Latest FrSky Firmware for the Grayson Edition)
Camera: RunCam Micro Swift 1/3 "600TVL FPV camera 2.1mm lens CCD camera
VTX: 5.8g 25MW-200MW 48CH Video transmitter
Flight controller: OSDOminibus F3 flight controller integrated with OSD module
OSD: Betaflight OSD
Firmware of flight controller: Betaflight_3.1.0_OMNIBUS
Flight time: 4 minutes 
Rear LED Ready( LED_Strip function)
Buzzer Ready

18AWG Battery Connector (18AWG Upgrade for the Grayson Edition)
Battery: NONE Grayson Edition will not have Lipos (we felt the stock batteries were not up to our standards, The LongBow 450 2S with XT30 has out performed any battery we tested) 

Flight controller parameters:
Ominibus F3 flight controller integrated with OSD module.
1.Powered by MPU6000 sensor for quick response to acceleration, integrated with 5V/1A BEC and OSD module (This is 6DOF version, no barometer and compass).
(1) Designed for small size FPV quads with a frame smaller than 280mm, especially ideal for quadcopters smaller than 130mm to exhibits its advantages in small dimensions and multiple functions.
(2) It provides all the functions of F3 6DOF version, but weighs only 8 grams. The size is only 27*27mm. Mounting hole size is 20mm (2.5mm hole).
(3) Designed for quadcopter with LC filter. It supports CF and BF firmware (Omnibus F3)
(4) STM32F3CCT6 microprocessor, 256K memory, MPU6000 sensor, SPI port, faster processing speed.
(5) Supports 2-4S LiPo input.
(6) Built-in 5V 1A BEC.
(7) Supports popular receivers such as SBus, PPM, DSMX.
(8) Buzzer, programmable LED, voltage monitoring, HLHeli ESC.

ESC Technical Data

2.4 in 1 BLheli_s ESC:10A
Input voltage: 2-4S LiPo and 2-4S HV LiPo
BEC Output: Not available
Constant current of a single ESC unit: 10A 
Maximum current: 15A 5 second.
Dimensions: 27*27mm (main board)
31*31.5mm (including soldering pads and extruded part)
Weight: 6.3g

Firmware: BLHeli_s
Supports D-Shot, Oneshot, rotation directions.
Processor: SILABS  EFM8BB21F16G
Driver: new generation 3 in I MOS
Specification of Mini F3 flight controller tower:
Weight: 8g
Supported frames: smaller than 280mm
Constant current: 10A*4 (maximum current: 15A)


Quads with FrSky Receivers
Binding with FrSky Taranis X9D Plus Transmitter
1.Turn on your Taranis X9D Plus transmitter,goto“Model Setup”(Press MENU and PAGE button once).In the“Internal FR”section,choose Mode=D16,Channel Range=CH1-16,Receiver No.01,and then click“Bind”,the transmitter will start beeping.

2.Power up the XM+ receiver while holding the F/S buttn(aka.Bind button).The LED on the receiver will start flashing,that means binding has completed.
3.Power off Transmitter and Receiver
4.Turn on the transmitter and power on the Receiver,you should see the Greed LED on the receiver,that means it has bound with your transmitter.

Package include:
1 x SPC Maker 95GF Frame
1 x Ominibus F3 flight controller integrated with OSD module
1 x XM+ (Grayson Edition Flashed with latest Firmware)
4 x SPC Maker 1104 7500KV brushless motor
1 x Mini 10A 4 in 1 BLheli_s ESC (2-4S LiPo)
4 x 50mm 5-blades propeller CW
4 x 50mm 5-blades propeller CCW
1 x RunCam Micro Swift 1/3 "600TVL FPV camera 2.3mm lens CCD camera
1 x 5.8G 25mW-200mW 48CH  VTX

NO BATTERY (Grayson Edition will not come with Lipos)
1 x WS2812 LED Board
4x3 * 100mm nylon band
2x12mm * 150mm magic band
2x15mm * 50mm back to back with 3M rubber magic belt
1 x XT60 female plug to XT30 male plug converter

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Customer Reviews

Can't stop grin'n :) Review by darren s black
I love this drone... It is so quite, agile and sturdy. just a great combination. I just race it around my yard and a few neighbors yards. It can dip and dive, zig and zag with such nimbleness. Now, i got the 10amp (I ordered that wrong one) while I would go for the 25amp esc version, I have to say I bought 2 7.4 longbow packs, and 2 11.1 longbow packs (both 450mah) And I've only flown a 3cell once. It flies so wonderfully on 2 cells that I just don't think it needs more. Maybe in an open area you would want more? But this is such a great smaller area craft that I just don't care :) Also great service from the guys at Grayson. First purchase, won't be my last! (Posted on 1/14/2018)
Amazing Micro! Worth Every Penny Review by Mike Charles (Revd13)
I love this micro. Out of the box it flew amazing. Easy to update to Betaflight 3.2.x Amazingly durable. I opted to get the 3 longbow battery option and with the 2s 450mah batteries I get 3 minute flights no problem. Within 3 weeks I've easily put over 100 flights on it. She flies EVERYWHERE and is quiet enough to not generate any concern by people watching or listening on. There is one minor issue with the camera but that is a runcam micro problem not a Grayson Hobby problem. The runcam Micros can be finicky so you may have to double check the connections and make sure nothing is pressing on or flexing the camera board. In my order Grayson accidentally sent one of the batteries as JST and with a smaller gauge of wire instead of the xt30 / thicker gauge I ordered and they took care of it as soon as I notified them. The battery came back with an xt30 but the wire gauge was still smaller. I didn't bother notifying them though as I really didn't feel like waiting another week and a half. Had that issue been right this would have been a 5 star review. Overall I'm happy with my choice. (Posted on 10/26/2017)
Fun little quad Review by terrell r hargett jr
Fun little quad, had to check and refasten all connectors. First couple of flights were very stable. (Posted on 10/3/2017)

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