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DX9 Black Edition w/ AR9200



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Spektrum DX9 "Black Edition" 9-Channel Full Range DSMX Radio System w/AR9020 Receiver

This is the Spektrum DX9 "Black Edition" 9 Channel DSMX Radio System. By combining the technology, ergonomics and user friendly design of the standard DX9, with a stealthy black finish and special edition components, the DX9 Black Edition is guaranteed to shake things up in the 9-channel market. The package includes a special edition transmitter case, special edition neck strap and an AR9020 receiver to round out the package. 


  • 9 fully-proportional channels
  • Exclusive Black Edition aluminum carrying case
  • Exclusive Black Edition neck strap
  • User-configurable switch and stick assignment
  • Voice alerts-transmitter can speak to the user in 5 different languages ** (English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French) to communicate information from telemetry
  • Wireless trainer system with model match-instructors can work with multiple students without having to re-bind to each student
  • Virtually unlimited model memory-transmitter stores up to 250 models and only populates the model list with models the user has configured
  • Direct system menu access-it is not necessary to power off the transmitter to access the key system menu
  • Active gyro and governor trim in heli, 3-axis gyro support for aircraft-allows adjustment of gyro gain for all 3-axes in flight
  • Absolute travel feature prevents over-driving servos when using mixes
  • High resolution 192x96 backlit LCD screen
  • User mode selectable (1-4), comes in Mode 2 configuration
  • User-configurable switch and stick assignment
  • 7 point curves give the ability to fine tune model setups to allow precision adjustments of mixes and pitch/throttle curves
  • Helicopter electronic "E Ring" electronically prevents overdriving the cyclic servos
  • Forward programming capability already built into the DX9 will ensure customers can take advantage of the next generation of Spektrum components
  • SD card support for backing up files, BNF setups, and firmware updates
  • Binds with any DSM2 or DSMX aircraft receiver
  • Includes AR9020 9-channel receiver


Programming Features:

    • Airplane
      • 10 Wing types: Normal, Dual Aileron, Flaperon, 1 Aileron 1 Flap, 1 Aileron 2 Flaps, 2 Aileron 1 Flap, 2 Aileron 2 Flaps, Elevon, Elevon-B, 4 Aileron
      • 6 Tail types: Normal, V-Tail A, V-Tail B, Dual Elevator, Dual Rudder, Dual Rudder/Elevator
      • Flap delay and elevator compensation
      • 5 Flight modes
      • Dual rates and expo
      • 10 Programmable mixes
    • Helicopter
      • Active gyro trim
      • 7-Point throttle curve
      • 7-Point pitch curve
      • 7-Point tail curve
      • 7 Swash plate types: Normal, 3 Servos 120°, 3 Servos 135°, 3 Servos 140°, 3 Servos 90°, 4 Servos 90°, 2 Servos 180°
      • Swash plate timing
      • 5 Flight modes
      • Dual rates and expo
      • 10 Programmable mixes
    • Sailplane
      • 5 Wing types: 1 Servo, 2 Aileron, 2 Aileron 1 Flap, 2 Aileron 2 Flap, 4 Aileron 2 Flap
      • 3 Tail types: Normal V-Tail A, V-Tail B
      • Flap delay and elevator compensation
      • 10 Flight modes
      • Dual rates and expo
      • 10 Programmable mixes



# of Channels: 9
Modulation: DSM2/DSMX
Band: 2.4GHz
Receiver: AR9020 9-Channel DSMX X-Plus Receiver
Programming Features: Airplane/Helicopter/Sailplane
Model Memory: 250
Modes: User Selectable Mode 1-4
Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery
Experience Level: Advanced



  • 2000mAh 2S Li-Ion transmitter battery (installed)
  • SD Card
  • Black Edition DX9 transmitter case
  • Black Edition DX9 neck strap
  • 12V Global Power Supply

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