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ParkJet, 2212-06, grayson microjetv2, monsterjet, megajet

Grayson ParkJet Combo

New & Improved Speed Controller

Designed by speed junkies, for speed junkies

Designed and sold Exclusively by GraysonHobby. NO other motors in the world can out perform the Grayson Hobby line of park motors. Just ask our 1000s of satisfied customers word wide!

The best selling ParkJet motor since 2002! GraysonHobby was worked closely with our manufacture for several months to develop a affordable ParkJet Motor; which is a high speed high KV motor for smaller parkjets and parkflyers. Prop range is limited due to the High Kv (2200) rating of this motor. Use with 3 cell lipo battery capable of sustaining 20 amps. Prop range is from 5x5 to 6x4.

The motor features a 3.17mm hardened steel shaft, dual ball bearings, and has 3.5mm gold spring male connectors already attached and includes 3 female connectors for your speed control. Mounting holes have 16mm and 19mm spacing on centers and are tapped for 3mm (M3) screws. (ie if the mount does not fit, turn it 90 degrees)

Grayson ParkJet Product Specifications:
  • Wire Winds / Turns: 12
  • Ni-Mh Battery: 6 - 10 cells
  • Li-Po Battery: 2 / 3 cells
  • RPM per volt : 2200
  • Max efficiency: 72%
  • Max efficiency current: 14~22 A (>75%)
  • No Load Current / 10V: 1.4A
  • Max Current: 28A / 60 sec
  • Dimension: 27.5 x 30mm
  • Shaft: 3.17mm
  • Weight: 47g
  • Recommended Model Weight: 300g - 1000g (10.5 oz to 35.27 oz)
  • Recommended Model Prop Size: APC 6x4


Grayson Hobby has worked with a few manufactures and created a "HIGH RPM" speed controller. This speed controller uses the same technology as multi rotor ESC which contains a higher refresh rate, meaning better response time and more power
Grayson ParkJet ESC Product Specifications:
  • Output:  Continuous 30A, Burst 40A up to 10 seconds.
  • Input Voltage:  2-4 cells lithium battery or 5-12 cells NiCd/NiMh battery.   
  • BEC: 2A / 5V Linear mode BEC.
  • Refresh rate of the throttle signal: 50Hz to 432Hz.
  • Max Speed:  210000rpm for 2 Poles BLM, 70000rpm for 6 poles BLM, 35000rpm for 12 poles BLM
  • Size: 55mm*25mm*9mm.
  • Weight:  25.8g
  • Safety arming feature:  Regardless the throttle stick position, the motor will not spin after battery connected. 
  • Throttle calibration funtion: Throttle range can be calibrated to be compatible with different transmitters.
  • User programmable. 
  • Multiple program methods supported: transmitter stick. Very easy to program the ESC at home or at the flying field.
  • Compatible with Lipo battery and NiCd/NiMH battery.
  • Internal timing can be changed to be suitable for different brushless motors.
  • Full protection: Low voltage cutoff protection / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection.
  • Microprocessor uses separate voltage regulator IC, with good anti-jamming capability.
Grayson Hobby ParkJet

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Customer Reviews

Beefed up Popwing Review by David West
I wanted something for a Popwing with an FPV pod added The stock power setup is ok but I wanted a bit more. The SuperSonic V2 with a 6X4 prop did the trick. The slightly bigger wing easily cruises, fully loaded with FPV gear at just under half throttle. (Posted on 8/1/2016)
ESC got fried easily Review by Misael Navarra
I got ths combo setup today and after 2 mins of flight my esc got fried. I was using 6x4 prop for my scratch built su35 from

<*******Grayson Response*****>
Thanks for the review and so sorry abut the ESC, we will gladly replace the ESC - just send us your order number via email or chat and well send another out to you (Posted on 6/25/2016)
Sorry to be negative but....... Review by Steve Shaffer
I have been using this set up for several of my planes ad have had excellent results. Plenty of power and no problems until the last set I just recently purchased. I'm sure it was just a soldering fault but first flight about 5 min into the throttle started acting up so set up to land Park Jet and had smoke trail. the ESC was on fire which melted the plane and burned up motor. I called Grayson and tech was very helpful and had me ship the set back for warranty. Thank you Grayson fro standing behind your products! (Posted on 6/13/2016)
Fast delivery Review by Steve Shaffer
Good glue. First time trying it and I am satisfied. I will be buying more when this runs out. (Posted on 4/29/2016)
Perfect for YardBird F22 Review by Jerry
WOW, pushes my scratch build fomie jet and my OLD yardbird F22 around the field with authority! I wish i had this about 3 yeas ago! Also fast delivery, 2 days from order to delivery. (Posted on 2/4/2016)
Could no be anymore happier Review by WOW What an awesome power combo
Took my RC powers plane to the moon. Could not believe I waited this long! (Posted on 10/16/2015)
Review by Darnell Belanger
WOW! That's the only words to describe! Definitely woke my Hawk Sky up! Mixed with an APC 6x4 prop is really worth the purchase. Thank you Grayson Hobby. (Posted on 4/23/2013)
Review by gary wilson
I got this motor to go into a hk radjet 800mm and WOW!!!! this motor put my radjet to about 172 mph,i could not keep up with it,i had to power it down alot just to see it,my nerves were my opinion please get 2 i did. (Posted on 3/15/2013)
Review by Scott Marks
If you are building foamboard jets there is no beating this combo. I have a few of them all reunning this combo. Hard to beat for performance,price and speed. (Posted on 2/14/2013)
Review by William Sargent Jr.
I bought this combo for a home made F-35 i built and to my surprise it really blew me away the speed is 100 mph+ and vertical take off out of my hand is amazing. if you want to impress your friends at the flying field then you should buy this motor combo from GRAYSON HOBBY THEY GOT THE GOODS FOR SURE. CHECK THIS OUT ON YOUTUBE S7300874 f-35 maiden flight (Posted on 4/13/2012)
Review by JIM WINGLE
Great setup...Runs like a champ. Had a small issue with the speed control. But the People at Grayson Hobby are helping me with no issues. Thanks guys! (Posted on 2/21/2012)
Review by Daniel Garner
I bought 3 sets of these for making park jets. I had already built a sport trainer from a different designer and decided to slap this system on it for a start. I am amazed and blown away at the power that came from this little motor. I see now how all these flat bottom foamies can fly so well. The motor is strong and runs at about 23 amps using an APC 6x4e on a zippy flightmax 3s 2200 mah. The amazing thing part is that it generates over 400 watts!! If your building small to moderate sized foamies this motor/esc combo is for you.

Oh, I had an order through another over seas wharehouse but I cancelled it. It sat on order for over 2 weeks with no status change. I got these the same week I ordered them. Im willing to pay a little extra for fast service and the peace of mind that they are in the U.S. and "reachable". (Posted on 2/4/2012)
Review by Rosario w Trusso
Update on the 2212-06,

Just a GREAT LIttle motor super fast use w/ 6x4 prop makes my scratch built flat foamys scream I just cant say enough good about this motor been 2yrs still going strong.Grayson Hobby has fast shipping too!!!!! (Posted on 7/15/2011)
Review by Michael Rariden
This motor was a surprise for me. When I saw it I realized that it was the same size of one of my other 370 sized motors, but when I hooked it up I felt that it has a lot more power. This motor is going to go on my first parkjet. (Posted on 1/1/2010)
Review by Sergei Pavlov
This is the best motor on the market. If your looking for a super fast motor for a jet, then this is the one. Great quality. (Posted on 11/9/2009)
Review by Joe Stubbs
This motor performs well and sounds great. I did find the engine mount screws would vibrate loose over time. Best to put a little locktight on them when installing the mount. (Posted on 11/2/2009)
Review by Rosario w Trusso
Well what can I say that hasn't already been said YOU CANT GO WRONG with this set ! Price A-1 Service A-1 Shipping A-1 ESC A-1 Motor A-1 Lots of power!!!on all my scratch built planes(experimantal) I try new ideas all the time so i need strong depenedable components .GH-2212-06v2 will Do it hands down Everytime again ,again,again Thanks GH!! (Posted on 9/10/2009)
Review by christopher Jacques
I put this setup into my F-15 foamy and I love the speed. I even get vertical. (Posted on 7/31/2009)
Review by Fred Sanford
Fantastic value! I've been flying this combo in my Multiplex FunJet for over a year. The plane is fast enough to "scare you" and will penetrate 15 mph winds without any problem. If it's windy I always have a plane to fly. Grayson is the best! (Posted on 7/6/2009)
Review by Jon Trauger
Awesome motor, really kicks #$%, makes my foamie crazy fast! (Posted on 6/30/2009)
Review by Brandon Lewis
I don't know if you guys have a spot for customer testimonials, but I just wanted to say that the Welgard/Grayson Version 2 motor that I ordered 6 months ago is the best motor I have ever purchased. When you consider the price, the retail stores don't stand a chance with the performance and durability. I have pushed it with 25c discharge batteries, flying over 90mph, AND it has survived all of the crashing in between. It even eats rocks and pebbles. After picking a bad gravel driveway to land in, some small pebbles got inside the motor. I wasn't aware until I went to toss the plane back up and applied power that the small rocks were inside. The motor rotated hesitantly at first. I picked the plane off the ground again, hit full throttle and heard the crunching sound. I was sure I had lost poles inside, but after shaking the pebble fragments out and hitting full throttle again, the motor screamed like the first time I used it. How's that for dependability? It stills runs strong, as the most versatile parkjet motor in my arsenal. Now the Mega Jet Motor is next!
youtube: brandorc
website: (Posted on 6/11/2009)
Review by Tanvir Syed
Another AMAZING product!!!

Stuck it in my Foam F117

Amazing speed!!!!!!!! (Posted on 6/2/2009)
Review by james GADDIS
Another great product for less money. Everything Graysonhobby has works better than expected. (Posted on 5/16/2009)
Review by Paul Des Biens
This has got to be the best deal on the market. I bought a handful of these motors over the last few months for my depron jets. Been flying 17 to 20 oz Mig 29 and Eurofighter with these motors and the speed is blinding with a 6x4 prop. Power is awesome. I put one in an experimental eagle and nosed it in hard and all it did was bend the shaft. Got a few shafts on order now. These motors are as tough as they are powerful. I wouldn't hesitate to fly a 24 oz plane with these motors. Bravo Garyson

Paul Des Biens
Connecticut (Posted on 3/16/2009)
Review by Jack Poshepny
My friend got one of these for me and it will literally blow you away!!! (Posted on 3/15/2009)
Review by Calvin Hudson
my parkjet foamies are incredible with this setup! (Posted on 2/2/2009)
Review by andrew bradford
This has got too be a tough motor, i got one of these stuck in a tree with a downpour and gusts.

finally got it down and it ran like a jewl, i still have it in my box!!!! (Posted on 2/1/2009)
Review by John Freerks
I used this combo on the Icarus Su-27 XXL foamie kit from Hobby Lobby. This is a great combo for replacing the stocked brushed motor that comes with the Su-27. I've had zero issues with the motor or ESC and the Su-27 really moves out. Everything I needed to set up the motor/esc was included and it was very easy to install and run. I'm very happy with the motor/ESC combo in my Su-27. (Posted on 1/13/2009)
Review by leonard metkowski
works really great, on any foamie plane. make sure its on the plane nice and secure. i found out the hard way, with a couple of deep slices in my hand. pretty stupid of me, but the point is awesome motor. will get your plane going quite fast suprisingly , for the light weight and size. (Posted on 12/25/2008)
Review by mike mills
my parkjet foamies are incredible with this setup! have tryed different setups and no comparison! i have about a dozen of them now and want more! try these and you won't be sorry! mike (Posted on 12/15/2008)
Review by James Beckley
WOW, I bought the Yardbird F-18 with the Dualsky garbage motor. It was ok, but not fast. I swapped out the dualsky gear for this and HOLY MOLY!!! I bet its close to 80mph. I had to use the Grayson 1500mah 11.1V 20C and it has plenty of flight time with plenty of power. (Posted on 12/14/2008)
Review by Robert Brown
I bought this motor/speed controller combination for a RCPowers F-117. At $40, I figured it would be a very inexpensive way to get this aircraft into the air and, to be honest, I didn't expect a ton of performance. Man, was I wrong! I really underestimated the "bang for the buck" this combo delivered! The motor is so impressive, after telling one of my regular flying buddys how much I paid for it he wouldn't believe me! (Posted on 10/3/2008)
Review by andrew bradford
well i have about a million reasons why this is the best deal ever!. i make my own desighns out of lowes insulation foam, and this motor kicks the plane to unlimited vertical, GREAT FOR FLYING WINGS, i have currently built a delta wing and slapped this motor and a reciever on it, and it has unlimited vertical, now all i need is a charger that will charge the lipo pack in under an hour so i can get that bad boy rolling again! (Posted on 8/7/2008)
Review by Scott Mosher
This has been a bulletproof setup for my Schumate F-14! Here's some specs: swinging a 6x4 prop, I am getting 239 watts and 22A at max throttle. Half throttle gives me about 14.35A and 164 watts. Test (and flying) done with an E-Flite 1800mah 3-cell. (Posted on 7/19/2008)
Review by Patrick Gagnon
I have this combo in my tomhe F-18 parkjet and it litterally SCREAMS! I'm going to put these in all my profile parkjets that require a hot motor and a small pusher prop. I actually like these better than some of the other more expensive "parkjet" motors. (Posted on 7/7/2008)
Review by Ian D'Orazio
Awesome combo fo my F-22 foamy. This motor screams and takes this 14oz bird unlimited...I now want another one :) (Posted on 5/13/2008)
Review by Richard Ealy
Very Impressive... Bought this and installed it in a Profile F-22 downloaded from RC Groups. Excellent value and TOO EASY to install. Nothing to do but connect the motor to the ESC. All default values (what you'll want) are already set up on the ESC. Performance was better than I expected. Tossed the plane in the air like a 3D foamy and it climed away effortlessly. Great performance and price !! (Posted on 5/12/2008)
Review by Bobby Cook
This motor is absolutely amazing! Bought this motor the same time I bought a little screamers super park jet motor. Took the little screamers motor off to put this motor back on! (Posted on 4/19/2008)
Review by Adam Barrow
Used this setup as an upgrade for my Multiplex Easy Star and it couldn't have been easier. Was using a 4.5x4.5 (it's what I had - the stock setup) prop and it flew great! Now, with the 6x4 APC prop I fly the Easy Star is 20+ MPH winds with a 5oz camera! (Posted on 3/23/2008)
What an amazing little motor at an even more amazing price! For those interested, here are some results I got running this combo through my Watts-Up meter:

Batt: Vislero 3s1p 2100 (15c)
Motor: GH2212-06

APC 5.25x4.75 prop
19.43 amps
214 watts

APC 5.5x4.5 prop
19.6 amps
219 watts

This combo is impossible to beat for $40. (Posted on 3/19/2008)
Review by Luis Cardenas
I used this most excellent set up on my Blue_F-22 by Golem

It flies fast and furious. I gave it 3/4 power and it was hauling Butt, could have been going around 50mph. I was doing loops, inverted rolls, stalls, slides and quick flybys.. Great little motor for the price. Works great with a 1800 Lipo and a 30Amp ESC (Posted on 3/11/2008)
Review by greg youngken
I just slammed this bad boy into a tree at full throttle, it stayed up there for a couple of weeks thru two rain storms along with my other Grayson Hobby electronics, I was amazed upon recovery that everything works like new. Thought for sure the shaft would have bent, amazingly it runs smooth as new..

Thanks Grayson Hobby

Greg Youngken (Posted on 2/10/2008)
Review by Craig Morgan
I put one of these on an F-18 and it flew it great. So, I put two of them on an SU-37 Flanker and wow. Great power, great vertical. Power to price ratio is awesome. Can't wait to try the mega jet motor. (Posted on 2/7/2008)
Review by Frank burke
Excellent motor, I'm running them in several profile pusher parkjets I designed, a mig21, F-100, and a large B-58 hustler, weighing from 14-21 oz, they all fly very fast and have good vertical with half throttle! I'm running an apc 6x5.5 e prop and get around 9 minute runtimes with 2100 3S packs. (Posted on 1/24/2008)
Review by rob paylor
Bought this for an Ikarus SU-29 Shock Flyer and it was simply amazing, now transferred it into an RC Superpowers F117 Stealth and i cannot wait for the maiden. Very complete combo, easy to install and set up, and for $39.99 Grayson are almost robbing themselves. 5 Stars at too good a price. Nice! (Posted on 1/9/2008)
Review by David Borden
Unbelievable motor! awesome thrust from a small prop.
I put it on an EasyStar with a 6x4 prop and it rocks.
This is the third brushless I tried on it and none come close.
I'm ready to order more! (Posted on 9/30/2007)
Review by James Ohmes
Excellent motor!!!!! I put it in a profile F-18 and it is rediculous!!!!! Unlimited vertical and no throwing required to launch, just power up and let go. With a smaller prop w/ more pitch my plane becomes a speed demon. Thanks Grayson!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 8/13/2007)
Review by Christopher Logue
Awesome performance ! A must have for parkjet flyers. (Posted on 7/22/2007)
Review by Robert Templeton
I love this motor! I'm flying this motor on an SU-27 Flanker (24oz AUW). Unlimited vertical. I would guess 70-80mph. If you own a pusher jet...get this motor now! (Posted on 6/18/2007)

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