18 x 12 Falcon Wood Electric Prop

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18 x 12 Falcon Wood Electric Prop


These electric beech wood props were introduced to great acclaim by Sports and 3D pilots. Quick to spool up, with a quiet noise profile they deliver an excellent power to weight ratio. Digitally machined and manufactured in a CNC. Manually finished which included 2 layers of primer coating plus 2 layers of high gloss protection.



Grayson Hobby Recommends you ALWAYS Balance the prop. Even though these are factory baleanced, its always best to double check the balance.

Do NOT over tighten the prop. When the prop starts to crush, it is over tighten. Check the prop after the first flight, and if it is loose, check it after every flight until it needs no further tightening. Vibrations will seat the prop. Loose props are not good.

Drilling holes in the prop can weaken the prop. The prop can fly apart, so don't let anyone stand in front or to the side of the prop when running the motors. It's best to run in out of doors to prevent bodily and property damage.

Damage Control. If the prop has tip damage, you can sand the damage off and make it eve. Be sure to balance the prop when you are finished. If the prop is wood, and it is split, discard the prop.

More Information

More Information
Propeller Size15" +
Prop Blade2 Blade
ManufactureFalcon Wood Propellers