AKK FX4(20*20/Built in OSD)



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AKK FX4 5.8GHz 40CH 25/200/500mW Switchable Transmitter come with built in OSD

AKK FX4 has 3 LED, LED 1 for CH, LED 2 for BAND, 
LED 3 for POWER. The VTX has built-in OSD, it can display 
parameters on 5.8GHz goggles or monitors like below picture:


On Screen Display < B2 5752 500 10.42V 00:00:33 > B2 stands for BAND B, Channel 2 5752 stands for frequency 5752 500 stands for power 500mW 10.42V stands for input voltage 10.42V 00:00:33 stands for power-on time 33seconds

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