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Dynam 1500mm B26 w/ Retracts - Flaps - LED | PNP



Regular Price: $299.99

Special Price $194.99

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Dynam’s 1500mm B-26 Marauder. To maximize convenient assembly and transport, the B-26’s outer wings can be detached from the engine nacelles, or the entire wing can be removed as one single piece. Major assembly of the aircraft is completed with only ten screws!

Regular Price: $299.99

Special Price $194.99

Dynam 1500mm B26 PNP Warbird

Dynam B26

The Dynam B-26 1500mm WingSpan RC Warbird aircraft is optimized for a 4s 4000mAh battery for extended flight time and a good balance of thrust, wing loading, and flight duration. A large battery hatch provides plenty of space for a receiver or optional gyro. Flaps shorten takeoffs and reduce landing speeds, and the tall rudder has excellent authority. Power is provided by two Tomcat 3512-650KV brushless motors for satisfying sport scale performance. The two Skylord 40A ESCs are mounted behind each motor for ideal cooling and the counter-rotating 10.5x8 propellers enhance the scale fidelity of the aircraft. Providing capable handling on short grass runways, in addition to the redesigned retracts the Dynam B-26 Marauder also features steel wire struts.wide and soft scale sized tires.

 Dynam aircraft make excellent cost effective platforms for personalization and detailing, and this B-26 Marauder continues that tradition. The upper turret can swivel freely, and the canopy and nose covers are easily removed for detailing inside by ambitious modelers. There is even space in the belly if pilots want to add their own bomb bay door. With Dynam and your imagination, you can operate a truly special model aircraft you can be proud of!


Dynam B26 Dynam B26 Dynam B26


Airplane Features:
  • Three-piece main wings, detachable horizontal stabilizer and vertical stabilizer allow easy transportation and assembly.
  • The tricycle RETRACT landing gear used worm drive electronic makes for excellent visibility while taxiing.
  • Extreme scale details including forward, rear, top and side gun turrets.
  • Bright LED navigation lights bring more fun for users.
  • Twin engine design and two Tomcat 3512 KV 650 motors
  • Four-blade counter-rotating propellers
  • Entire wing can be removed as one single piece
  • Comes with tools and glue. Just add time - Major assembly of the aircraft is completed with only ten screws!
  • Factory installed XT-60
Airplane Specifications:
WingSpan 1500mm(59in)
Length 1126mm(44.3in)
Servos 7 x 9g  & 2 x 17g (Installed)
Battery 4400 14.8v 30C (NOT Included)
Motor Size 2 x Tomcat 3512  650kv (installed)
ESC Size 2 x TomCat 40Amp (installed)
Prop Size 2  x 10.5*8 four-blade (1 CW & 1 CCW)
Radio 6+ Channel (NOT included)
Charger 4s (14.8v) Basic Lipo Charger (NOT inlcuded)
Receiver +6 Channel (NOT included)
Weight 2350g) w/Battery
Flying Time TBD

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Customer Reviews

Great plane. A greater opportunity Review by Kim Tillery
I have a lot of negative responses about the quality of this plane. I bought this plane for it could be, not what it was. If you want carve out a modelers niche in your club. This is your opportunity. Has a great body. A little paint. Sharp graphics from Callie, it's ready for flight and the static showroom. No one else has this plane out there. The price point is great. One of the best RC purchases I have made from the 25 planes I have purchased. (Posted on 1/8/2019)
Overall, not bad. Check everything though. Review by DALE Ivie
I gave the whole airframe a once over. I went to detach the main wing and found two of the four wing bolts has not engaged. The nuts had been pushed through probably during manufacturing. Glad I checked. The bolts were just floating in the holes. After that, some minor tweaks and she is ready. Grayson added to the packing with some bubble wrap. Nice touch guys! I will be a return customer. (Posted on 11/11/2018)
awsome looking plane Review by jerry johnson
Order came in short period of time. Quality looks good. 4 stars only because have not had time to test fly. Assembly was pretty much straight forward. Would recommend buy to friends. (Posted on 5/26/2018)
Needs more carbon rods Review by Scott Nyberg
Nothing fits clean top wing panel
Battery hatch
Rudder and elevator very thin foam
No carbon supporting rods
Nice wheels (Posted on 5/22/2018)
Over all the kit look nice. Had to reglue the flap hinges. Some large gaps in the factory glue seams. Review by Terry Hart
Not a bad kit, still could be better. (Posted on 4/17/2018)
Dynam B26 Review by Douglas E Hawkins
To start this, I want to say Grayson Hobby service has been spectacular. Kudos to them.

The quality of the B26 was just a bit lacking. 1, the written instructions could use some more steps. Grayson however did a great job of putting together a "How To" Video. Thank you...2, I had to trim foam off of the wing to accommodate the joining of the wing and allow the flaps to work. 3, I had to add a Servo reverser in order to get the flaps to work correctly. 4, One of the Props was nicked thus making it unbalanced. 5 The plastic cowling for the rear gunners and forward Bomb/Gunnery section was "Frosted" from where it looked like it was sliding back and forth on an abrasive surface.
For the price, I cannot complain about these things. I do want to note to a possible future buyer, the 10.5 quad propellers that come with this plane are close to the ground and if you fly at grassy airfields, you might want to mow the grass low or mod the plane to accommodate the low clearance from prop to ground. Unless of course you like mowing! :)

Thanks again to Grayson for their How to build Video and their Maiden video. They are both very helpful in determining COG and some of the uncertainty the written instructions have. (Posted on 1/4/2018)
Great price and great company but plane needs work. Review by Dane
Nothing wrong with GraysonHobby but the plane is alright. Had it together as instructed by the video and instructions with the center of gravity at 70mm and took off and barely made it back to land. The second time I took the rear lead weight out and was much better when I adjusted the CG to 65mm. It it a small gust maybe 7-10 mph and ended up going into a fence. Needless to say I now have to buy a full set of wings and we will try again. I know this plane was bottom dollar but dynam could fix some of the minor issues easily. (Posted on 12/21/2017)
Dynam B-26 Review by Nolan Scott
The plane is big and nice looking, however, quality of pieces fitting flush to each other is poor and some glue marks on engine nacelles. Easy to assemble and all electrics work. Pilot figures are low quality but are the right size. Markings are water decals and not stick-ons so plane can be painted as desired. Cool turning gun turret, wonder if it can be removed for painting or to add a servo. Other reviews suggest adding a shim under stabilizer to offset down thrust. So far I like it. (Posted on 12/8/2017)
Great plane Review by Doug Reush
Great plane, fast shipping,no damage, everything inside looks good. looking forward to finishing plane and start flying... (Posted on 12/6/2017)
unboxing Review by Chris
Plane arrived yesterday, I unboxed it to inspect all parts and ogle at it.....I gave this a 3 star rating simply because I cannot give a full review at this time (all I have done is OPEN the box). but thus far I am satisfied with this purchase and am excitedly looking forward to assembling and flying this Awesome plane! the unboxing.....everything was in the box ( as far as I could tell ) and there was no visible damage. with that said, I was lucky in that regard because the packing inside the box is really lacking to say the least. a few more pieces of Styrofoam in strategic locations would definitely help to prevent any damage during shipping....ok enough of that, the plane is awesome from what I can see (looking at it in the box still) however, the main flaw I can see so far is the factory glued parts are very misaligned. where the two halves of the main wing and engine pods are glued they are sticking up almost 1/4 inch from each other, but seem to be seated properly??? maybe the molds for these parts are off a little ??? and there were a few finger dents in the foam in certain areas.....overall neither of these things I mentioned would affect the overall performance of this plane. just some nit picking things I look at....... (Posted on 12/6/2017)
Mine arrived with a defective Speed controller Review by DPark
In that I missed the "5 day" window to report a problem, I tried to fix it myself. What a nightmare to get to the esc! I literally had to cut the engine from the wing with a knife and then replace the esc with a 40 Amp esc. I have not reassembled it yet, but it does seem to be working. Also, when I tried to find an esc in the Marauder spare parts, I did not find one so I used a spare I had on hand from HobbyWing. I was really shocked to see the great price reduction by Grayson Hobby! I feel cheated. Sorry this is so negative, but after paying the full price? Why does Dynam make a plane that is almost impossible to repair? Why not use quick disconnect connectors in places where there is often trouble. I would not buy this plane again even at the great reduction in price. May change my mind if I ever get it off the ground. I bought it because one of my friend's Dad flew this in Korea and was known as a "Tiger" winning a DFC. (Posted on 11/17/2017)
Thank you for your great service Review by Robert Gumbita
I'm very pleased with the B 26 marauder Bomber that I just received
I'm waiting for my transmitter and receiver that I ordered
Thank you for your great service (Posted on 11/10/2017)
No Issues Review by Ken
I have read some other sites reviews.. not sure if they have the updated version of the B26 Grayson is offering, but other than some minor foam blemishes, this is perfect. I followed their CG recommendation from their YouTube video and my maiden was spot on. Some people I suppose want a $500 FMS plane for $200 :P (Posted on 10/24/2017)
Awesome Plane Review by Mo Money
Great Plane - Arrived in a timely manner from Grayson Hobby - This was the cheapest price including shipping I could find. I love their youtube videos on the B26 - Nice flight and great to see such a authentic flight without any gyros :)

(Posted on 10/24/2017)
Unique plane, great price Review by Don Rhone
I have mixed feelings on this plane, while the bulk of the reviews for this plane are quite positive I am still a bit taken back with the quality. However with a bit of work the panels will fit better, note the shim adjustment posted on the RC Groups page. Then again the price is excellent, but you will likely want to upgrade the landing gear, very toy like in appearance. Also, mine arrived with damage, but the way the Dynam planes are packaged that is almost expected. the damage can be easily repaired, will just need a bit of filler and paint. Unfortunately for me my flying season is just about over so will have to wait till next year to fly. (Posted on 10/7/2017)
Bought the b-26 Review by glenn wilson
Grayson hobby great phones are sometimes lack in answering but problems their busy. My purchase was excellent from start to delivery them hurricanes made a delay, beyond their control , plane open box very simple to assemble, the twin esc I didn't need to adjust some planes you need to adjust great honest guy who answered phone very knowledable, plane has big tires kinda kool, good looking plane (Posted on 10/3/2017)
Outstanding Service Review by Donald Park
Grayson and Dynamhave joined up as a great team. I had lots of problems at first, but Grayson hung in there with me. In the end all the problems were on my end. e.g. failure to realize that the remote on my receiver had to be connected.
The only problem with the plane was sliding the carbon fiber rod in. Too much for my arthritic hands. I oiled it finally. Trying to get the courage for my maiden flight!
Bottom line: outstanding all around. (Posted on 10/3/2017)

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