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Dynam HawkSky V2 PNP



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The HawkSky V2 is essential a powered glider and is constructed from a durable EPO foam. The prop is located in the rear combined with the crash resilient EPO foam, this makes the HawkSky V2 one of the best flying beginner planes in the Market. The HawkSky V2 is powered by a powerful Dynam Speed 400 brushless motor which is controlled by a Dynam 30A Brushless Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)..

The HawkSky V2 is essential a powered glider and is constructed from a durable EPO foam. The prop is located in the rear combined with the crash resilient EPO foam, this makes the HawkSky V2 one of the best flying beginner planes in the Market. The HawkSky V2 is powered by a powerful Dynam Speed 400 brushless motor which is controlled by a Dynam 30A Brushless Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)..

Airplane Features:
  • Complete All in one package which makes for a great gift.
  • Fixed landing gear allow for smooth takeoffs and landings
  • Powerful 400 size outrunner brushless power system
  • 30A Brushless ESC with Switch-Mode BEC
  • Durable and lightweight EPO construction with many surface details Excellent Flight Performance
  • FPV Style Canopy
  • Suitable for 1st timers to advance pilots
  • Comes with tools and glue. Just add time
Airplane Specifications:
WingSpan 53.93 inches (1370mm)
Length 37.4 inches (950mm)
Servos 4 x 9g (Installed)
Battery 2200 11.vv 20C 11.1v 3S (not included)
Motor Size Powerfull 400 high speed outrunner brushless motors (installed)
ESC Size 1 x Dectrum 30Amp (installed)
Prop Size Dynam 6 x 5 Sport (included)
Radio 4 + Channel (not included)
Charger 2-3s (7.4v - 11.1v) Basic Lipo Charger (not included)
Receiver +4 Channel (not included)
Weight 24.69 oz (700 g) w/Battery
Flying Time 10 Minutes with the Grayson Gold 2200mAh 11.1v 30C or longer
Dynam Hawksky Dynam Hawksky Dynam Hawksky Dynam Hawksky Dynam Hawksky

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Customer Reviews

Awesome Plane Review by VInce
I have flown this plane MANY miles, until I completely wore it out. As I was using it to train my son to fly, the elevator servo finally gave it up. It gracefully nosedived to the ground and was destroyed. I would buy 20 more of these. Overall great plane and the price is unbeatable. Grayson Hobby is a great RC shop. Thanks (Posted on 9/1/2018)
Great motor glider, glides forever ! Review by Brooks
I really think a pusher prop motor glider is a good 2nd RC newbie plane, I think a rank beginner is going to need a mentor for more success.

This is a sweet flying plane, it is happy soaring at high altitudes under low to no throttle, turns easily and there is good control authority on all control surfaces. I removed the landing gear and tape reinforced all of the landing surfaces on the fuselage for grass field landings.

I had some model building experience, which is a good thing. My version was the plug and play, the instructions were brief, too brief for a rank beginner. Once again, get a little help from a mentor or become a You Tube junkie. Many videos on this plane available.

Good quality materials in the plane, the canopy assembly is fiddly. Put a bamboo skewer through the bottom of the canopy to secure the pilot, he has a hole in him that the skewer will secure with some hot glue. Hot glue the skewer to the canopy and cut off the excess skewer length from the underside of the canopy.

Tape the entire nose from the hatch forward if you are a beginner. You will crash, make it a grass field and reinforce the nose. The nose will be involved in ANY ground encounter. It can be repaired easily with tape and a hot glue gun.

Very durable plane, good flight time with a 2200 mAh battery. I am not as good of a pilot as this plane deserves. It forgives. I repair . I fly. Repeat as necessary. (Posted on 4/26/2018)
Awesome. Review by Robert doak
This review is about both Grayson Hobby and Dynam...1st Grayson...
I have ordered from grayson many times in the past, tbis time was no exception...everything is first class...
The Dynam Hawksky is also first class...super easy to assemble and just a joy to fly..Thanks to both For providing great service and products. (Posted on 3/2/2018)
Great quality airplane Review by Todd Stuewer
I have built other Dynam airplanes before, but the fit of the parts, and quality of the foam on this model is exceptional. All parts are well crafted and highest quality. I have not flown it yet, but expect the same high quality in it’s flight. (Posted on 2/2/2018)
Haven’t actually flown it yet Review by James Goodwin
What I can testify to is the promptness of the service. I made my purchase online and package was sent out immediately. I think it arrived in three days of my order. (Posted on 12/30/2017)
Awesome for the price! Review by william yeste
Easy to set up great for FPV (Posted on 11/10/2017)
Wing problem Review by Kevin J Darlak
It would have helped me out a lot if they would have let me glue the slots of foam under the wing where the carbide rod runs through and connects the wing, its not just tight, its VERY tight. I had to sand the rod down to get the wings together. Other than that , so far so good. I'll get back with you on the esc. (Posted on 8/25/2017)
Not as well put together as I thought. Review by Darren Myhre
I haven't flown this plane as of yet in fact I am still building it. What I can tell that for a novice flyer/builder this kit does not provide very detailed instructions, very Chinese like in fact(not sure if this is a Chinese product, just sold in North America, but sure seems like it) I am by no means a novice builder or flyer in fact I have been flying for over 25 years and building; which includes scratch building both Balsa and Foam planes. Even though you can find build videos on You Tube, a novice shouldn't have to do this when purchasing a trainer type plane. I plan on using my Hawksky V2 as a FPV platform. I attempted twice to glue in the wings to the fuselage, but both times the wings would not insert all the way, needless to say it was a big mess. Upon further investigating I noticed that both of the plastic wing clips that are were barely glued onto the wings, had large blobs of glue on the ends of the wings that mate to the fusealage, this prevented the wings from properly mating. I simply popped each of the two plastic clips out and per-installed them into the fuselage connector. Now all you do is install the wings and some glue where the plastic used to be and install the wings into the fuse, at least that's the plan as I have not done this yet, time will tell on this plane. (Posted on 8/16/2017)
Great starter plane Review by Fred R Chase
This is my second Hawksky V2 ans I made a gift of it (Posted on 7/9/2017)
Great plane Review by Tom
I love this plane!

First, don't use the landing gear, you don't need it. I broke mine off trying to take off from the ground. I think the struts are just too long.

Second, this plane wants to fly. You can make big lazy loops, rolls, fly inverted, fly fast, fly slow, glide and glide...and glide.

This is the first plane I have purchased. All my other planes have been home built FliteTest planes. The HawkSky is a great confidence builder. I am a low time R/C pilot and this plane has been simply fun (not nerve racking) to fly.

As in the videos from Grayson, this plane will land it's self, hands off the transmitter. Be sure to bring it down low when you want to land because it glides so well, you are likely to over-shoot your landing area.

I don't know how long a 2200mah battery will last. Flew last night for 16 minutes and brought it down because my neck was tired from looking up.

The price is unbelievable for this plane. $89.99? This is a no brainer. It is tough, it is easy to fly if you are a newbie. (You do need to have an understanding of R/C flying.) If you are an advanced R/C pilot, I think the HawkSky is maneuverable enough that one could still have a lot of fun. WITH A LITTLE HELP, this could be first airplane for anyone.

(Posted on 7/3/2017)
Easy to Fly Review by Fred Chase
I am a 1st time flyer and this plane is very forgiving (Posted on 6/20/2017)
very good deal the best Review by William R Crawley
all good (Posted on 5/8/2017)
perfect beginner and intermediate style plane Review by mike fallon
Fun for long, relaxing flight time.
Grayson Hobby is excellent. Quick shipment and perfect customer service! (Posted on 3/12/2017)
Excellent product, great service-Thanks Review by Rodney Hoyle
This plane is remarkable and a great starter plane. It is also desirable as a Sunday flier for more experience fliers. (Posted on 3/7/2017)
Awesome service Review by Aaron Marshall
Plane came a day early. In tack and all parts present. Its all assembled and waiting weather to maiden. (Posted on 2/28/2017)

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