Dynam P61 1500mm Black Widow Twin engine - PNP



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Dynam 1500 mm P-61 Black Widow Twin engine - PNP

Dynam P-61 1500mm Black Widow Twin engine - PNP

P61 Black Widow is a twin-engine, twin-boom bomber with tricycle landing gear. Named for the America spider, it is the first operational U.S warplane designed as a night fighter with nearly all black appearance, and the first aircraft designed to use radar. Now we are proud to launch the Dynam P-61 Black Widow 1.5m twin-engined warbird. It has the familiar scale outline and excellent flight performance. For P-61 enthusiasts, they can take the Dynam P-61 Black Widow 1.5m warbird home easily and fly in the sky with great joyment..

Airplane Features:
  • Two-tiered canopy design and all transparent tail-cone fully reflect the P-61 features.
  • Both top and bottom turrets have four guns and the former can change the direction by pilots.
  • There are bombs and auxiliary fuel tank on the lower fuselage which has excellent detail.
  • Retractable tricycle landing gear
  • Durable and lightweight EPO construction with many surface details
  • Detailed Body Structure
  • Suitable for both, intermediate and Experienced Pilots.
  • Easy to build.
  • Plenty of power with the two Tomcat BM3512A-KV650 motors and dual Skylord 40A ESCs.
  • Split (four) flaps design can decrease the takeoff and landing speed, which makes for short field landings.
  • Factory installed navigation lights
Airplane Specifications:
WingSpan 1500mm / 59in
Length 1126mm / 44.3in
Servos 10 Servos in total -- 9 x 9gram & 1 x 17g (4 flaps system)
Battery 4000mAh 14.8v 45C (Grayson Hobby Recommend the WildScorpian 4500 14.8v 45c) (not included)
Motor Size 2 x MB3512-650kv - installed
ESC Size 2 x Tomcat 40A Brushless with XT60 - installed
Prop Size 4 Blade - 10 x 58 - included
Radio 6 + Channel (not included)
Charger 2-4s (7.4v - 14.8v) Basic Lipo Charger (not included)
Receiver + 6 Channel (not included)
Weight 2450g
Flying Time

5-10 Minutes with the WildScorpian 4500mAh 14.8v 450C or longer. Flight times depend on weahter conditions, flying style.

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Customer Reviews

Not the prettiest face but what a WOMAN the BLACK WIDOW Review by Jeff
Dynam did not do the best job of molding this airplane, it has production flaws, but once together it is a phenomenal looking and flying airplane. Not a speed burner, but flies with authority and is rock solid in the air, no flight stabilizer needed. Modest aerobatics are within it's capacity but then the real one would not be a dogfighter in the first place. This thing has a presence in the air that is truly unique, it reminds me of a great big BAT! If you want to add some variety to your flight line, add this plane. (Posted on 7/10/2018)
This is worst quality plane I have seen . Review by Hippie
Not sure if it was rushed out the door too early but the factory assembly is horrible !! Wide glue gaps that shouldn't be there from the factory . Plane has lots of potential but needs lots of reassembly . Taking apart the glued parts that were done in China makes a ugly looking finish all over . Wish I would have explored and did more research as I would not of purchased . (Posted on 6/22/2018)
Best looking Dynam ever, but! Review by Eric Sunderwirth
Lots of problems in model. Had to cut out foam all over. Not enough room for the servo wires in all the joining parts,wing, tail connection to wings, elevator servo feed hole ,receiver compartment for a 7 channel RX needed cutting for RX, cowls have 4 mm gap 3/4ths the way around, and they slide forward and would contact props so I glued them, paint comes off easily when touched or activator is used on it for gluing, left retract was not glued in, flopping around inside compartment, booms kept sliding apart when gluing them and there is a small gap there where they attach, elevator servo wire not long enough to connect and still fit in servo groove in body, and servo extension wire installed is backwards, probably to use just to pull elevator wire through boom . I had to use extension installed the right direction, one of the lame pilots came with no body, just a head, watt test with 25 c lipo showed less that 39 amps and under 400 watts. I used a 40 c in flight so plane flew well but still slow with2 blade 11x12 APC props, used full throttle most of the time and it barely uses battery power. could fly 6 minute but I was too bored to fly it that long. Esc on right motor went to programming mode , wouldn't stop till I reset esc and then was reversed so counter rotating props going the same way so had to rip off wheel well cover and switch motor plugs around for proper rotation. 3600 mah 4s balanced CG and my 4000 mah 4s were too big. Not interested in upgrading power system but would not be too difficult to do. So slow I may keep as a hanger queen for awhile before I sell it for half price on Craig's list. Why bother producing it with this power system Dynam? (Posted on 6/14/2018)
Outstanding! Review by Mark E Wood
This aircraft is a definite “Must Have!” In your Hanger! Even though I have not yet flown this particular model, it is incredible! Easy assembly, great detail and definitely powerful! If I ever destroy it, I’ll definitely seek out a replacement! Classic earbud bomber! (Posted on 6/10/2018)
No where near perfect but still pretty awesome. Review by Jeff
I have not flown the Black Widow as yet; just finished construction yesterday. The fit of nacelles to wing are far from perfect but are not truly offensive when viewed sitting on the ground. My paint was applied very smooth to an airframe with no real faults. There are photos on line of The Lady in the Dark and with a little paint, the finished product presents a very nice looking airplane. If it flies as good as it looks, this will be one of my favorites. My only real complaint is that my right navigation light has a short in the wiring. If it is plugged in with the left navigation light and the two landing lights: all go out. My Lady will fly without the right wing tip light. It really is a great looking plane. Do spray it with water based poly after you put the decals on. (Posted on 5/18/2018)
After repairing all the quality and BAD assembly issues model fly's well with a 4 cell battery. Review by Robert Hodgdon
There are many quality issues with the model I received. This has everything to do with Dynam and nothing to do with Grayson Hobby.
there were many issues right out of the box. the per assembled components left a lot to be desired. not one of the assemblies was aligned correctly with it other pieces. everything was not squared up with it mateing parts and the main fuse center and center pod was the worst. the tail booms were not completely glued together and when joined together with the fuse there was a big gap at the seam. There was no screws designed to hold the booms together and depends on the glue joint to hold everything together and the same for the horizontal Stab. The elevator extension was installed backwards. The cover sections on the bottom of the center section of the wing stuck out almost 1/4 of an inch and disrupted the air foil. I sanded them flush and repainted the entire bottom. The screws to hold the spinner to the back plate were too short and had to be replaced. the machine guns for the upper turret have a pistol grip molded to them that has to be cut off so they loo somewhat real to the plane. if i had not thrown out the shipping box i would have returned the kit. I have other Dynam planes and this was the worst. if it wasn't for a lot of modeling ability this would not have turned out well. The P-61 i received in the condition is not even suitable for a pre production example. Dynam can do a lot better! (Posted on 5/8/2018)
flies like a P 38 Review by jack book
Very pleased with the airplane. Flies great, steady and predictable. Not a fast airplane on the 4 cell battery but flies scale. Lands really good also. . (Posted on 5/5/2018)
Quality issues Review by barry taylor
Bargain plane. Dont expect the same quality as a more expensive kit. Flies nice. (Posted on 5/5/2018)

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