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Dynam Smoove 3D Aerobatic RC Airplane 6ch 1600mm (63") Wingspan PNP Durable EPO Foam



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Dynam Smoove 3D Aerobatic RC Airplane 6ch 1600mm (63") Wingspan PNP Durable EPO Foam

Dynam SMOOVE - EPO / BALSA Hybrid

The Dynam Smoove is a 3D airplane constructed of durable EPO foam that will allow you to explore new heights in 3D aerobatics. The streamlined outline of the Smoove is tailor-made to reduce drag for more effective 3D maneuvers. With a powerful BM5030A-KV400 Brushless Outrunner motor swinging a 16x12 carbon 2-blade prop, the Smoove is sure to give you all the 3D you can handle and then some!


Airplane Features:
  • KV400 motor, 80A ESC, 3x 45g digital servo, 2x 25g digital servo, 6S configuration.
  • Fixed landing gear allow for smooth takeoffs and landings
  • Lightweight, aerobatic airframe plus sporty decal trim sheet
  • 80A Brushless ESC with BEC - Deans
  • Durable and lightweight EPO construction with many surface details Excellent Flight Performance
  • Powerful BM5030A-KV400 Brushless Outrunner motor - TomCat G60L
  • Package includes 2 16 x 12 Carbon Fiber Prop
Airplane Specifications:
WingSpan 1600mm / 63in
Length 1660mm / 65.3in td>
Servos 5 Servos in Total  - Pull - Pull Rudder Installed
Battery 4000 22.2v 30C 6S or 2 cell in series (not included)
Motor Size BM5030A-KV400 Brushless Outrunner Motor - TomCat G60L Included
ESC Size 80A Brushless with T connector Included 
Prop Size 16x12 carbon 2-Blade Prop - Included 
CG (Center of Gravity) 215mm - 225mm from the leading edge of the wing at the root
Weight 3250g / 114.6oz w/Battery
Package Options PNP(not include Radio, Receiver, Battery and Charger)



Dynam Hybrid EPO Smoove

Dynam EPO Hybrid Smoove Dynam EPO Hybrid Smoove Dynam EPO Hybrid Smoove

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Customer Reviews

A lot of bang for the buck Review by Wallace Review by Wally
PNP Smoove arrived in good condition,no damage but missing one cf 16x12 prop, which Grayson Hobby replaced within a couple of days.All the components of the aircraft were straight and complete and fit together extremely well.All hardware is acceptable, servos work well, motor is powerful and smooth and cf props are a work of art. Phenolic flight surface control horns and hardware work very well together. You will need to reverse one elevator putting a reverser in the line or using two channels,one for each elevator half and reversing one channel then mixing both together. Electronically, the elevator servos are on the inexpensive side, only time will tell how well they will hold up.
Over the years I've spent a lot more than this and received in many cases, far less.It is a lot of airplane for the money, I.M.H.O..
( Posted on 4/11/2018 ) (Posted on 4/11/2018)
Great value Review by Ronald Newton
I am impressed with the quality and packaging of this product.. can't wait to fly it. (Posted on 3/22/2018)
Even at at $160 discount not a good buy. Review by Andy Sommer
Overall potentially a great plane. I've yet to fly it but here is the dirt. One aileron was severely warped as was the back of the canopy base which left a huge 1 inch gap at rear. I was able to heat via boiling water / steam method and get both fairly close. 2 of the 6 landing gear mounting blind nuts were so loose the fell out leaving me to figure out an alternative mounting method.

One of the aileron wood plate horn mounts was not even glued on CHECK ALL surfaces with a good yank and twist. I found two others with very weak glue joints. Cowling is too light and flimsy. Props hub holes are not large enough to mount without drilling out further WAY WAY out of balance

Hardware package overall is very good as are the servos, esc and motor as well

There is simply too many quality control issues to even consider anything above 2 stars. I purchased mine on sale at $240 which is $40 less than FMS Olympus which I also own. The Olympus quality overall is much better. At a $399 retail this plane is not worth it. At $$240 barely worth it.

Hopefully it will fly well. Not a good advertisement for the Dynam product line.

(Posted on 12/23/2017)
Four stars Review by david newberry
Grayson Hobby gets 5 stars for a great price & fast shipping. Dynam gets 4 stars. The plane flys very well & the hardware is good. I have two issues with the airframe. First, both ailerons were warped. Right side was pretty bad. Cause appears to be the way the ailerons are packed in box by not laying flat. I was able to get 95% of warps out by applying an opposing twist & adding a little heat from a monocoat heat gun. The other issue is the horizontal stab is not parallel to the wing. It's off by more than 5*. I will have to rework the wood structure inside the fuse to get this right. A friend has a Smoove as well & his ailerons were not warped as bad & his stab was level so not sure why mine was off. Again flys well but has a couple of issues. (Posted on 7/23/2017)
Large plane Review by Brian
The Direction's suck and you have to reverse one of the elevator servo's at least I had to (Posted on 4/18/2017)

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