Eachine VRD V2 PRO - FPV Video Goggles | Monitor /w Diversity RX



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Eachine VRD2 - V2 FPV Goggles w/ Ajustable Lens |DVR | 40ch Raceband Diversity
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Eachine VRD2 PRO - FPV Video Goggles | Monitor /w Diversity RX

These is the latest update version hardware and software revision.  The DVR glitch issue has been eliminated. 

Eachine VRD2 PRO - FPV Video Goggles | Monitor /w Diversity RXEachine VRD2 PRO - FPV Video Goggles | Monitor /w Diversity RXEachine VRD2 PRO - FPV Video Goggles | Monitor /w Diversity RXEachine VRD2 PRO - FPV Video Goggles | Monitor /w Diversity RXEachine VRD2 PRO - FPV Video Goggles | Monitor /w Diversity RXEachine VRD2 PRO - FPV Video Goggles | Monitor /w Diversity RX

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Customer Reviews

Not to happy Review by Nelson E Villanueva
I was expecting something better, it do the job but I guess I have to spend some more money for the quality I want. For the money it's ok. (Posted on 10/22/2018)
Would be 5 if not for color issue Review by Nathaniel Clark
Got a set of these to replace my older v2 set. They work great, but for some reason the set I got goes back and forth between color and black and white. I would still recommend them as a great budget goggles or just for anyone who prefers box style goggles over fatsharks style like I do. (Posted on 10/22/2018)
Goggles Review by Troy Blanton
Very pleasant first time experience ordering from Grayson . The ordering process was simple and shipping was very fast . A great transaction all around . The product was priced very reasonably and performed as advertised . Thank you for the fantastic experience Grayson . (Posted on 2/23/2018)
Great service Review by Timothy Bauer
I ordered the new V-2 goggles.
They were damaged in shipping.
With a couple a short email. I sent the googles back to Grayson and received a new pair in the mail. Super easy and quick.
Tim (Posted on 2/16/2018)
Excellent first FPV goggles. Review by KEITH F DOLEZEL
Solid Product for first FPV goggles. Really nice video quality. Easy to use. Thank God for the tripod mount on the base.. makes it really easy to into FPV and keeping yourself grounded .. pun intended. get it! (Posted on 10/2/2017)
OK but. Review by Hound_Dog_Mech
Thought they would accomidate my glasses NOT SO. Can't find other Diopter Lens (Do the exist. If I could ware them with glasses they would get 5 stars. (Posted on 7/13/2017)
Good googles for the money Review by john allen
Good goggles, but as has been reported online already.
For those of us who require glasses, a small mod needs to be done. There are numerous options online, none of which are really that hard to implement. (Posted on 4/20/2017)
Good product , works great. Review by John Fuik
Goggles work great. Grayson hobby shipped quickly, and had great pricing. (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Works good Review by Patrick Vance
Connects up quickly with my Hubsan 501. I wear readers so the image is a little blurry but the camera on the drone is not the best. Overall fit is good! Thanks (Posted on 4/10/2017)
Works as advertised Review by William Legg
You probably won't find a better pair for the price.
Works fairly well, but wish it had a little more focus adjustment.
If you have problems seeing or reading things up close, then you may want to check out something else.
Can not wear reading glasses with these either, so I get to fly the drone while my daughter goes for the ride! (Posted on 4/7/2017)
Nice goggles Review by Aldo M Duron
DVR records great. Comfortable on head and face great pay for a first time fpv or just a spare (Posted on 4/6/2017)
These work amazingly!!!! Review by John B Vanvalkenburgh
Ok so I've seen all the good and bad reviews, i took a chance and got these (not going to spend $300 on fatsharks when i dont know if imma like them) these goggles surpassed my expectations by FAR! Im not sure if it was grayson hobby's doings or the manufacture but no lag, no blackouts, no freezes everything works great! The dvr is great as well! Absolutely love these! And they are so small! Huge screen, love the adjusters (i norm wear glasses but see clearly when i adjust these) diversity works great. only cons, you cant wear glasses (i dont need them on this) no audio or video out. But all the pros outweigh the little cons! Great set gettem!!!! (Posted on 3/26/2017)
Great first pair. Review by Rob Creagh
There's a little light leakage around the nose area, but with a bit more foam problem solved. Great first pair of fpv goggles. (Posted on 3/24/2017)
good picture, easy to use dvr Review by Jesse Brown
Very easy to set up, dvr function works well. Battery included (Posted on 3/23/2017)
Great experience Review by James Day
Great team. Helped resolve a shipping delay very quickly. Communicated status updates timely. Great experience. (Posted on 3/23/2017)
Love this thing Review by Craig Thorpe
40 yrs old and feel like I'm riding a motorcycle when I was 20 yrs old ! Super fast on 4s lipo and extremely touchy (Posted on 3/17/2017)
Wonderful! :) Review by Ivan Gonzalez
I couldn't afford Fatshark goggles so a friend recommended the Eachine goggles. I'm very pleased with them and there shipping dept. Keep up the good work Grayson hobby. :) (Posted on 3/17/2017)
Took advice Review by Jeff M Venable
My first FPV. I didn't want to put 400 bucks into something I wasn't sure about and I still wanted a good experience. What a view! I will use these for awhile and then give them to my son or a friend who wants to get into it. Great goggles. (Posted on 2/25/2017)
Good Review by Arkadiusz Pietrzykowski
Well working google for the price ! Graysonhobby fast shipping and good communication! (Posted on 2/7/2017)
Awesome Review by Andrew
These goggles are awesome! There is no black clipping as seen in the reviews on these online. And the DVR works great. Great entry-level purchase. (Posted on 2/6/2017)
Excellent Review by Mark Hall
Can't beat it for the money!! Nice clear picture and no lose of signal. (Posted on 2/4/2017)
Great Goggles Review by John Niziurski
These goggles have all of the usual features plus a DVR. I was worried about how they would work with my glasses, but the screen is so close to my eyes that I don't need my glasses. (Posted on 2/3/2017)
Not for my eyes Review by Thomas Lasinski
I am basically pleased with the goggles. However I am very near sighted and cannot properly focus the goggles, even with two layers of foam! Compared to my Quantum Cyclops, the lens is physically and inch or two closer to my eyes. The video & diversity work well.

At least I can use the recorder while using the Cyclops to fly! (Posted on 2/3/2017)
Excellent low-cost goggles with DVR Review by Grahame Wright
I bought the VRD2 to use with my Inductrix FPV as my intro to FPV and quads in general. The VRD2 worked immediately out of the box, selecting the channel is easy and the quality of the video is excellent. The DVR works great, just remember to switch back to AV1 before flying. Battery lasts around an hour for me. Charger is easy to use, my eyesight requires the focus lense to be at the closest position but works fine for me. Overall an excellent product and I wouldn't hesitate to anyone just starting out with FPV who wants a built-in DVR for low cost. (Posted on 1/31/2017)

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