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EMAX Hawk 5 Racing Drone BNF FrSky



Quick Overview

EMAX Hawk 5 Racing Drone BNF FrSky

The EMax Hawk 5 drone is the next generation of racing drones. Electronics and hardware have all been rigorously tested to ensure maximum system performance. Equipped inside you can find the Magnum F4 Flight Controller Stack, LS 2206 motors, Micro FPV camera, OSD compatibility, and Emax props.  

Features at a Glance: 

  • Magnum F4 Tower System 
  • Stackable Omnibus F4 Flight Controller 
  • 30A X4 DShot 600 ESC 
  • FrSky XM+ Reciever 
  • 25/200mW 48ch 5.8GHZ Video Transmitter 
  • Vibration Dampening Suspension System 
  • ~270g RTF (Minus Battery) 

Micro Cam & OSD 
Featuring a low latency micro camera boasting an impressive sensor, pilots can expect a vibrant image needed to navigate a variety of terrain safely. An OSD (On Screen Display) is included which allows the aircraft pilot will have easy access to all relevant information needed to monitor drone performance, battery information, and signal quality.  

Magnum + LS 
For greater flight time, EMAX engineers built a unique all-in-one Magnum power system paired together with 2300 Lite Spec brushless motors for maximum efficiency while still providing enormous amounts of power.  

AVAN Flow 
Utilizing the elegant Avan Flow propellers, pilots will be able to stay in the air longer without sacrificing speed or performance due to its unmatched durability and its ability to offer linear control throughout the flight envelope.  

Place It Anywhere 
Every pilot prefers different weight characteristics, so EMAX designed the frame to accommodate a variety of placements for LiPo batteries. Top, Bottom, Sideways? It does it all. 

For the Modern Pilot 
From its unique frame design utilizing aerospace grade carbon fiber, down to its efficient brushless motors built out of a high-quality lightweight aluminum allow, the Hawk 5 was created to meet the demands of modern-day drone pilot.  

What's Included: 

  • Foxeer Arrow Micro V2 CCD Camera
  • Lightweight DiPole Whip
  • EMAX LS2206 2300kV Motors
  • Avan Flow 5 Inch Props
  • Spare Arm and Hardware

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Customer Reviews

Awesome Review by Jack Mowry
For 250.00 this is a fantastic buy.
I put some 5040 props on and this thing rips.
Two thumbs up! (Posted on 8/21/2018)
no fpv Review by Tim
Just tried to fly for the frist time and fpv (Posted on 7/2/2018)
Best Racing Drone I have owned Review by Tony
I have built many racing quads, all sizes to date, however have never experienced the real beauty of flight until the purchase of Emax Hawk 5 from Grayson Hobby. Out of the box this quad flew so smooth and precise without any oscillations whatsoever. The joy of flying this quad is simply astronomical, it simply does everthing right. The only thing it needed was retightening of all four screws holding the bell to stator. The reason there was significant play in some of the motors. Several weeks has past now, and flight after flight the big grin will not go away. You will be hard pressed to build a quad of this caliber for 250 dollars, and it fly has well as the Emax Hawk 5. Building is the easy part anyway, the hard part is tuning. You can spend hours trying to get a perfect tune yet still not achieve what you would like. This quad came so well tunned not about to change anything except the rates. The only other serious contender for the money would be the Diatone GTM Marauder 530, and we will see when it arrives. If you buy the Emax Hawk 5 you will instantly notice the flight is simply extraordinaire. It begs to be flown hard. (Posted on 6/18/2018)
Hawk 5 was garabage Review by mike wannett
No worries about the VTX screen that quad was Dead on Arrival man it never flew. We're in debates about warranty claims and such currently it's got a bad motor ESC or something. Am sure you won’t reply to this to busy making it little videos. I emailed and Facebook messaged you guys many times before I found out about this being garage so am pretty sure you won’t respond to this but I will put the word out

This is the response I got from the person I bought it for (Posted on 6/3/2018)

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