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KingKong | LDARC ET115 V2 - FrSky BNF



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Quick Overview

LDARC ET115 V2 with OSD - FrSky BNF


The best beginner quad just got better

The ET Series from LDARC is next-level micro FPV racing drone designed for the beginner to PRO looking for the best quality quad without breaking the bank. The ET Series from KinKong RC is the most durable, best flying quad for the in the price range.  Even more, the quad can be configured in Betaflight configurable, making this the best mini FPV machine on the market. 

The ETSeries from LDARC is what Grayson Hobby recommends for beginners who have little FPV or Drone flying experience due to its durability and flight characteristics.

Needed to Complete
What's in the box?
  • (1) ET115 V2 FrSky BNF
  • (1) 600mAh LiPo Battery 11.1v (3S) with XT-30
  • (3) Extra Canopies
  • (1) User Manual
  • (40) 2345 Props 10 Pairs (yes 10 Sets)
  • (4) Air Cowling for Props


  ET115 V2 Specs

  • Voltage (2S - 3S | 7.4v - 11.1v)
  • WheelBase 115m
  • Weight:  95.4g
  • Prop: 2345
  • Motor: 1104-5500kv
  • Battery: 600mAh 11.1v (3S) 50C (xt-30)
  • Flight Stack:  F3 with OSD & 4 in 1 12 A ESC BLHelis
  • Camera: OV231 NTSC 150 FOV


LDRC KingKong Manual

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Customer Reviews

Absolutely love this quad Review by James
First off, I want to start with the fact that Grayson Hobby shipped this the same day I made my order, and I was flying it 2 days later. Previous to my order, I emailed them with a few binding questions, and they got back to me literally within minutes. You can’t beat that. Thank you Grayson Hobby for the great customer service (and the excellent YouTube channel.)

Really, all I have to say is if you’re on the fence about buying this; Just do it. It’s that easy. This thing flies so nice and smooth, the camera is good, and these ET’s are built to take some abuse. I would say if you’re looking to buy your first small brushless, this is it. This is my first brushless ‘whoop’ type and I’m completely satisfied with it.

I bought the ET115 v2 with the intention to work on my acro skills outside, and maybe do some indoor flying with the winter months coming up. I went with the 115mm size because after watching and reading a ton of reviews, it seemed to be the best compromise for flying both indoors and out, and I wanted something brushless. Will and Basil also did an excellent review of this quad, and I knew it was a good choice.

This ET115 v2 easily bound to my Jumper T12 with the 4in1 TX. Went into Betaflight to setup flight modes and the OSD, and then I was off flying. Super easy setup. I’m not an advanced pilot by any means, but I feel really comfortable flying this. After playing around with some LOS flips and barrel rolls for a few minutes, I took it up fpv and tried it there with honestly little worry that I was going to crash it. Just can’t believe how comfortable it is to fly.


You’re going to want a bunch of batteries. I’m getting 3.5/4 minutes out of the 600mah 3S it comes with under light flying with some punches here and there. While it comes with a 600mah, I also flew it with a couple of my 1400mah 3S batteries, and it flew fine. Has a little weight to it, but it still does a good job if you’re more playing around fpv than racing. With those, I’m getting over 6 minute flight times. I would recommend getting 600-850mah 3S batteries just to stay within the weight it was built for, though.

In conclusion, this ET115 v2 is worth every penny. Grayson Hobby is great, and I recommend buying through them if you’re like me and am too impatient to wait for packages from China.

(Posted on 11/9/2018)
Great Hobby Shop Review by Garry Allison
The kingkong et115 v2 is an excellent purchase, especially from Grayson Hobby, their utube videos tell you exactly how to get it in the air. THANKS MUCH. (Posted on 10/30/2018)
EXCELLENT little quad, and great company to buy from ! Review by Hammer1056
Ordered my ET115V2 based on the review by Grayson Hobby. I ordered late Friday night. Early Monday morning I got the shipping notice, and Wednesday by noon the box was sitting at my door ! Top notch shipping, and I appreciate that a GREAT deal. Bound to my X-Lite with very little effort. A quick BetaFlight check to set my preferred switches and rates, and I was ready to fire it up. Have many 2S and 3S batteries in this size/range so I had some already charged. Even though this quad is fast, and best flown outside, I was able to fly it inside my house in all 3 modes. I can already tell this is going to be the one quad in my fleet that gets the MOST flight time.......period ! It's that good. Very smooth, very predictable, yet precise and does what you expect it to do. I am very impressed. Thanks again Basil and Will for the great info that you provide, and the way you take care of your customers. I will be a regular Grayson Hobby customer for a while. :) (Posted on 10/24/2018)
Well done. Review by RavenDemonium
Very well put together little drone. Can't wait to get one. (Posted on 10/18/2018)

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