GH 15 Amp UBEC



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GH 15 Amp UBEC
The U-BEC is an external circuit that taps power from your battery pack and regulates the voltage to the necessary 5 volts to power your receiver and servos. It does not replace the speed control. However, it replaces the BEC function in a speed control with much more capabilities.

The needs for a U-Bec are necessary when the speed controller does not have an onboard BEC or when the servo count will exceed the ESC's capability. Installation is simple, just simply solder the leads to the input side of the Speed Controller at the battery connector.  Then simply plug the output lead plugs into the receiver. 

If using this UBEC with a Speed Controller that contains a onboard BEC, simply disable the BEC by pulling the red pin out of the servo lead on the speed control.


  • Output Voltages: 5.5v / 15A
  • Weight: 31g
  • Current Capability:15A continuous
  • Wire Length: 16cm
  • Input Voltage 7.4v - 50v (2S -12S lipo)



Customer Reviews

Great BEC that I used with the .46 Glow to electric co version. Kit Review by Todd Stuewer
I purchased the .46 Glow engine to electric conversion kit. The ESC included with the kit did not have a BEC, so ordered this one and used it with the kit. Works great, and is high enough amps to support the larger size servos I used in the conversion. (Posted on 5/29/2017)
good product/price Review by Frank Winters
Provides all the power required to operate 5 digital servos in my 2m F3a Sequence while doing the IMAC Sportsman pattern. (Posted on 5/21/2017)

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