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Ox Frame Rogue 215 - Black & White Frame Kit



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Quick Overview

Ox Rogue FPV Drone Racing 215 X Frame

Ox FPV Race Quad frames are made in the USA.

Perfect for those who are new to building, flying, or just like to crash!  Made from HDPE Plastic - this ELIMITATES bad solder joints onto frames - you WILL not fry all of your electronics! 


We machine all of our frames in house from HDPE plastic, in a large range of vibrant colors. The camera is protected by a carbon fiber mount that attaches to the top of the cover. The top of the camera mount can also accomodate a GoPro or Mobius camera. 

The motors and ESC's are embeded into pockets that have been machine out, so that frame provides maximum protection for these components.

The electronics are encapsulated in the mchined out belly of the frame, also giving them maximum protection from impact and crashes. The belly of the frame houses the FC board as well as the video TX and the RX boards. We recomend using FC boards with built in PDB, but that is your choice.

These frames have been tried and tested by some of the best pilots in Atlanta, as well as some of the worst (crash all the time) so we are sure you will enjoy your new frame.


OX FPV Racing Fames

The Process:

HDPE is created with a Co-extrusion process using heat and pressure which transforms co-polymer high density polyethylene pellets into sheets. We then take those sheets and CNC machine them into our drone frames and parts.


We recommend just about any brand motors, however try and stay with some of the well know brand names.

We personally like to run 2204, or 2206 size motors with 2300kv, or a bit higher.

We strongly recommend that you use the motor mounting bolt and washers that we provided with your frame, also do not over tighten the bolts. 

Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC)

Try and and stay with the well know brand names. If you use 2204/2300 motors, 20 amp esc's will work, but if you go with bigger motors, use the
30 amp esc's.

Flight Controllers (FC)

We recommend you go with FC's that have a built in PDB, that way you eliminate the need to have an additional board stacked in the frame. The frame comes with nylon standoffs to mount the board. We use the Kombini, and Tempest in most of our builds, but any well know brands will work just fine.

TX & RX Boards Video & Receiver

We normally use the FX799T video TX with a pigtail for the video transmitter, but any well know brand name will work fine, just remember on the Rogue 215X frame there is less space to work with than on the Thug 230H frame.

For the receiver RX we normally use the FrSky XSR  or the FrSky XM. The FrSky XM does not have telemetry, but it is very small and works well on the 215X frame.


Any well known brand camera will work fine, we usually use the Foxeer Arrow V3 as it will give you the battery voltage reading on your goggles. The Runcam or Foxeer will both be great. For the 230 H frame you will drill two small holes (see pic) on the camera mounting pad and use 2mm bolts with nuts to mount the camera mounting bracket. For the 215X frame use the carbon fiber camera mount with the screws that come with your camera.


If you want to run a tower stack, for example a 4 in 1 ESC board, then the flight controller, and say another board, we suggest then adding one of our frame spacers. This spacer fits between the frame and the cover, giving you more height to run a stack.

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Customer Reviews

Indestructible! Review by CannibalFPV
I don't have an OX build, but I've flown with guys who do, and their impressively rugged. Ox frames have a good amount of well protected space for electronics, and are very modular. Racers might not love the weight, but I would strongly recommend this for a first build or for freestylers who don't have time (or money) for "Build, fly, crash, repeat". (Posted on 8/31/2017)

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