SkyLord ESC Programming Card

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SkyLord - Tech Detrum Advance Plus Programming Card
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SkyLord - Tech Detrum Advance Plus Programming Card

Carry it in your pocket or your field box -- it has ALL the advanced programming functions in it. Just move the jumper connectors to the value you select. With the Programming card you can program or select the following:

Brake:Selectable brake / no brake mode
Timing:Low timing - maximum efficiency for normal motors High timing - recommended for Outrunner
Throttle Curve:Linear / logarithmical
Battery Type:NiMH / Lipo
Default Low Voltage Cut Off:NiMH - 0.9V / per cell for NiMH Lipo - 3.0V / per cell for Lipo
Cut Off Option:Hard on slow down selectable


Only Works on SkyLoard ESC - Will not work on Detrum ESC

Dynam Programming CardSkyLord, Tomcat
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