Li-poly battery balancing charger AC/DC


DYA-0002 & D

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Li-poly battery balancing charger AC/DC




  • Use at the field or at home

  • 2cells or 3cells Li-Poly Packs

  • LED indicates the battery status. Power(red), charging(yellow), and full(green).

  •  Includes JST-XH balancer plug and alligator clip input connectors. (Charges all of GraysonHobby 2S and 3S packs)

  • Includes AC adaptor so you can plug directly into ordinary household outlet.


  How to use the charger:

  • Plug the battery into the appropriate port

  • Add power to charger (DC or AC)


  • Input 10V-15V.

  • Charge Rate 1.0Amps


Important! Always charge a Li-Po battery in a location that is fireproof, such as a container made of  metal (like an ammunition box) ceramic tile or ideally the GraysonHobby LipoSack  . Always monitor the area with a smoke or fire alarm. Have an ABC  type fire extinguisher available at all times. NEVER leave the battery unattended during charging.

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