Like most of you reading this, I always wanted an RC airplane since before I can remember, so naturally, after I received my driver’s licenses, one of my 1st solo drives was to my local hobby shop to purchase a remote control airplane. Unfortunately, the LHS just wanted my hard earned “fast food” money and did not care if I ever came back. After selling me everything I needed and did NOT need, my plane never flew and it was thrown away. Needless to say, I never returned to that shop, but still desired a remote control plane.

Fast forward a few years... After returning home from my US Army Tour for Operations Nobel Eagle, Enduring Freedom & Iraqi Freedom, I had some leave time saved up so I read and studied up on electric airplanes. 

For my 1st "real airplane", I decided to scratch build a foamy out of FanFold with absolutely no help, no simulator time, just some parts and Internet research. My plane actually flew and I learned A LOT about the components and most importantly, I learned my plane was too slow. The only ‘parkjet’ motor out there was nearly $100 and that was just for the motor! So I did the logical thing and tried to create a better cheaper parkjet motor for myself.

I took some CD-ROMs apart and re-winded them up and created the 1st prototype for the GraysonHobby "The SuperSonic ParkJet". My little foamy went from 10mph to 50mph! I had to share this with my fellow RC enthusiast, so I made some more and let a few buddies try and Grayson Hobby was born.

I took my lessons from my 1st visit to my LHS and promised myself I would never treat a ‘newbie’ the way I was treated. At Grayson Hobby, we strive to treat everyone as if we wanted to be treated. (remember that golden rule). I am very proud of this fact and it does gets back to me how great and approachable we are.

Since 2004 and several thousand motors later, a small company with humble beginnings has grown into one of world’s leader in parkjet motors and accessories. (along with all of the other cool products we now carry)


She is the lovely voice who answers the phone during the week. No, she does not fly, but she does what most men do not, reads the manual! She is in charge, when Basil is not around (which is most of the time).

Lindsay knows her RC components so do not be afraid to ask her questions. (remember she reads the stats) She loves her Starbucks coffee and her biggest fear is when products are out of stock. (which is most of the time)

If you get any "surprises" in your orders, you can thank her, it was her idea. When Lindsay is not working, she is busy coaching her cheerleading squad or rooting her son on the baseball field.