GNB - Gaoneng

GNB lipo batteries are some of the best Grayson Hobby has tested in the micro FPV drone area. Furthermore, GNB is the most active Lipo Manufacture for the FPV Hobby designing new lipos as soon as the major FPV manufacturers release new sized fpv drones.

GNB utilizes High Voltage 'HV' or technically 'HVLi' lithium technology. This new High Voltage Lithium Polymer tech allows each cell to be charged to 4.35v rather than the traditional 4.20v - However you will need a charger capable of charging the High Voltage Batteries, otherwise, it's just charging to the 4.20v. The High Voltage is designed to give you higher RPMs with less voltage sag. Shop HV Lipo Chargers here

The GNB Lipo batteries offer unique sizes for a perfect FPV and or Ultra Micro Plane experience. The GNB HV batteries will give your Tiny Whoop or UMX airplane that extra punch which really brings your model flying experience alive.