Surpass Hobby G2 Multifunction LCD Program Box for ESC

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Unlock your Surpass Hobby Speed Controller with the G2 LCD. Precise parameter adjustments and real-time monitoring and dont forget the reverse thruster option for after landing short field stops :) 


Maximize control with the Surpass Hobby ESC programming card. Set parameters, monitor voltages, and optimize performance effortlessly.


1. Working as an individual device to set the parameters for the ESC.

2. Working as a LiPo battery voltmeter to measure the voltage of the whole battery pack and each cell.

3. For the SURPASS-HOBBY ESC with data returning feature, it can display real-time data including: voltage, current, input throttle, output throttle, RPM, battery power, MOS temperature and motor temperature.

4. For the SURPASS-HOBBY ESC with data logging feature, it can read the data including: maximum RPM, minimum voltage, maximum current, external temperature, and maximum temperature.

5. PWM throttle signal detection: Identify and display the input throttle pulse width and frequency.

6. ESC/Servo Tester: It works like remote control to adjust the speed for ESC/servo by press the program box's button.


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