XT60 Parallel Charging Board XH Balance Leads

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Charge upto 6 Batteries at the SAME time.


XT-60 Parallel Charging Board with Fuse

Charge upto 6 Batteries at 1 time and dramaticlly save time charing

ParaBoard V3 with self-resettable fuse protection.
The PCB board is made of three ounce copper and the main circuit supports up to 40A current.
All the balance ports are protected by resettable fuses (also known as polyfuse),and the main circuit is protected by common car fuses that are easily available at local hardware stores.

This device is to be used with a balance charger to simultaneously charge multiple lithium batteries in parallel.
By this method you can significantly save time on battery charge process.
Principles and practices of parallel charging lithium batteries have been well discussed in the forums on RC Groups.
This method has been proved to be a safe and efficient way to charge LiPo batteries, and is being widely accepted by more and more RC hobbiests all over the world.
Parallel charge can save your time significantly.
If you charge two batteries at the same time,the charge current is two times of that you used for a single pack,and you need only approximately 1/2 of the charge time to charge every battery separately. Similarly,if you charge four batteries at the same time, the charge current is four times and time is only 1/4.

Multiple ParaBoards V3 can be connected directly in order to charge more than 6  batteries at a time.

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