ZTW Mantis G2 45A ESC with 5A SBEC with Factory Soldered Connectors

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ZTW Mantis G2 45A ESC with 5A SBEC with Factory Soldered Connectors

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ZTW Mantis G2 45A RC Airplane Speed Controller

With the new unique circuit design and improved algorithm, and equipped with the powerful and high performance 32-bit microprocessor, it greatly improves the computing capability which makes the ESC responds more faster. The startup is getting smoother and more accurate, and the throttle linearity is optimized, which is more accurate and stable, and the compatibility is better.

With synchronous rectification, it can significantly reduce the heating of the ESC, which makes the ESC is more energy-saving and driving efficiency. Longer time of endurance, low heating

Support high RPM motors, and compatible with most motors in the market, the maximum RPM up to 300.000

Built-in upgraded high power switching BEC adjustable 5V/6V/7.4V, continuous output 4A burst current can up to 6A, which makes the ESC can drive stronger servos and more external devices, also make the ESC meeting more applications.

Wires & Connectors

Input Wires 18#70mm(Red*1/Black*1)/16# 70mm(Red*1/Black*1)/14# 70mm(Red*1/Black*1)

Output Wires 18#70mm (Black*3)/16# 70mm (Black*3)/14# 70mm (Black*3)

Input Connectors: XT60 (Specifully for Grayson Hobby)

Output Connectors: 3.5mm gold bullets (Specifully for Grayson Hobby)


Size & Weights


Mantis 35A SBEC G2 68.0*26.0*10.0mm

Mantis 45A SBEC G2 73.0*26.0*10.0mm


35A SBEC G2 39g

45A SBEC G2 43g



Continuous Current:

Mantis 35A SBEC G2 - 35A

Mantis 45A SBEC G2 - 45A

Burst Current

Mantis 35A SBEC G2 - 45A 

Mantis 45A SBEC G2 - 55A

Input Voltage

Mantis 35A SBEC G2 2-4S LiPo

Mantis 45A SBEC G2 2-6S LiPo


BEC Output

5.0,6.0,7.4V adjustable /4A


ESC programming

via Programming Way Transmitter/LCD Program Card G2/Android&lOS APP (not included)

Firmware Upgrade Not Supported

More Information

More Information
ESC Size40A - 49A